How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone you love can be a very simple thing, yet most of the time we let our emotions get the best of us. When we feel the end coming closer and closer, we tend to dwell on all the good times, all the laughs, the joys, all the positives that came out of the relationship you feel is coming to an end.

The truth is, learn to do what is best for yourself, one hundred percent of the time. Only until you make this promise to yourself will you truly never regret a decision, or have a hard time coping with what you may think is a tough situation that you have put yourself into.

What is meant by this is simple: in your heart, you know when it is time to let a relationship and a loved one go. The biggest problem is actually listening to your heart in a situation like this. Our human need and desire for companionship kicks in, and we quickly fall back on all the good memories of that relationship and that person, and we start to lie to ourselves.

“It’s going to get better”
“We can work this out”
“We are in different times in our lives, it will pass”
“Lets see a couples councilor”

It has been my firm belief that true love will not have to deal with any of those statements. Sure, every single person in the world who is truly, truly in love will of course experience rough patches, but you will know in your heart that it is simply that, a rough patch. If you and your mate are truly in love, there will never be the need for therapy, working through a problem, or changing and adjusting your lifestyles for each other. It is a natural enterprise that runs itself, and you can feel it when it happens.

So letting go of a “loved one” is a loaded statement. If you are in a position that you are considering letting them go because of the way things are working out, the sooner you admit to yourself that they are not the true one for you, you will quickly realize that you are not really letting go of anything; you are freeing yourself, and learning how to live your life to the fullest, and give yourself the best opportunity to find your one true love, as early as possible.

So, don’t get yourself down. Every thing happens for a reason, and while hard at first, once you admit to yourself that your mate is not the right one for you, you will have a surprisingly easy time ending it, and moving on to maximize your life and happiness.