What a Smile can do

A young man walked into a building with an amusing thought in his mind and a smile on his face. A small group of people were in the reception area and a lady look up and remarked “Mr. Sunshine has come in.” The small group joined in laughter and seized the moment for joking, merrymaking and generating their own sunshine. That is the power of the smile.

A smile can do great things for you. It can improve your inner world. It can improve your relations. It can win you friends and win you ways that might be important for you. As much as a smile is a gift to others, it can have a positive impact on your mood and outlook. A smile is many things, free, and charismatic as a smile itself.

Here are some of the things that a smile can do for you
A smile can improve your looks, a great deal. Love is said to be the best medicine, a smile is a great face-lift. A smile can open doors to people. A smile can improve your portrait. A smile can improve your feelings. It stimulates your faces, your feelings, and your emotional heart. A smile can improve your energy, when you’re tired and need a little lift. Some people have even claimed to have decided to smile at their circumstances and changed the world they live in.

A smile can even open doors for you and when people open doors for you, a smile is a great reward. A smile can get you some flirting, and maybe more. Many lives start to get intertwined by the thread of a first smile. Many loves are started by the dews of the smile.

Some things a smile can do for your relationships
A smile can defeat the intentions of your enemy. A smile can even win your enemy and add that enemy to the friend column. A smile get you a start with a new friend. A smile can build you a great reputation or at least improve and enrich the one you have.

A smile is great gift to others. A smile is yours to give, and a universal appreciated gift. Even the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, though murderous looks pretty nice wearing a smile. He could have been uncle Joe but for his deeds.

What is a smile
A smile is free, but it can be precious and priceless. A smile is powerful, it stirs up good things with in and out between you and me. A smile means peace, friendship, and love.