What a Smile can do

I admit it, I am a chronic smiler. I learned it from my mother. She made it her goal to try to get others to smile. It was one way she spread joy in the world around her. A buser in a Frishes Restaurant we used to frequent never smiled. He went about his business with a frown, never really even looking at others. Obviously he had problems, but until her dying day, my mother made every attempt to get this man to smile. She was not successful, and neither have I been, but we both tried.

A smile lights up the world. No matter how you feel, seeing a smile just makes you feel better. It is welcoming, it says, “I like you”, and it draws you in to the smiler’s world. Think of your smile as a lighthouse, casting out it’s light to help those who have lost their way to keep from hitting the rocks and going down. Your smile may be the only ray of light in a person’s life.

Smiling makes me feel better, and it makes others feel better. A smile is easy to share, and so often is given right back. So, view your smile as a gift and give it away, frequently. You will be surprised at how many smiles you get back and how good it makes you feel to light the way with a shining smile:)