What a Smile can do

A smile is a wonderful and powerful action. It possesses the ability to uplift, strengthen, and bring immeasurable levels of comfort and joy. It can turn a negative point in time to a positive one in the blink of an eye. The simple act of smiling can change the course of a single moment, or an entire day.

We humans are very interesting creatures indeed. We often are so consumed with ourselves and our problems or concerns that we forget that smiling at another person can lighten both our spirits and theirs. We find it effortless to smile at our friends and family members, but there are so many others who would greatly benefit from this natural gesture as well. It can be so easy and fulfilling to make it a point to smile at the cashier at the grocery store, our co-workers, and the individuals we pass as we walk down the streets of our neighborhoods. Moods can instantly change for the better, and tension or uncomfortable atmospheres can be lessened to a great degree. We are often not aware that smiling at a complete stranger could quite possibly be a life-altering gift to them. Perhaps they were feeling depressed or lonely, yet our smile, at one single moment in time, may have made a world of difference. Simply put, one small smile can reap enormous benefits to those we come in contact with on a daily basis, or just once in a lifetime.

Smiling is beneficial to practice even when we are alone. There are many moments in life when we find ourselves feeling anything from slightly under the weather to downright sad. However, if we are able to manage to put a smile on our faces, we often find that we feel lighter and happier. We begin to develop a sense of well-being and our spirits feel uplifted. Dwelling in negativity, on the other hand, does very little to serve or help us. There are certainly times when smiles are difficult to muster, yet there are innumerable things we can do to aid the process. Conjuring up joyful memories, listening to the laughter of children, and enjoying inspiring music are all constructive ways in which to elicit a smile and brighten our day.

The powers of a smile are limitless and endless. Be it the first smile of a baby that fills us with sheer delight, or the smile of a senior citizen thinking back on his youth, smiles are indeed contagious. We cannot help but revel in the smiles of others, as they, in turn, are able to bask in ours.