Carl g Jung Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

The collective unconsciousness, is a concept of Jungian Psychology, in which there is the overall cellular memory of past ancestors, that is located inside of the body. The archetypes of each person is the projected ideas of the world around, and it is the way people perceive the world around, in a way that is either positive or negative.

As a person wonders why they can see certain things in society, and some can not, then it would be beneficial to explore the reason through the studying of the collective unconsciousness. There in the mind of everyone alive today, is the cellular information, that is the overall intelligence of the people in whom the student has originated from; through the genes, and psychological decent. The collective unconscious can be unlocked, through the accepting of creative impulses, and abstract ideas, demonstrated in a effective way through the living with, and – developing of these gifts – that may be now unknown or suppressed, due to stigma of the originality of the process, in which true intellectualism can be expressed.

If a person believes themselves to be a depressed person, then the archetype projected into the world is the depressed person, seen, and identified as that, depressed. The mind of everyone is the keeper of truths, and beliefs, that the individual builds up, as an identity to relate, and understand themselves. There within the mind, is located the mental aspects of each individual. The processing of events, and relationships of the experience inside of a society that is balancing on the tips of uncertainty, and morality. In this the created images of the subconscious collective ache-typical imaginings.

Dr. Carl Jung was a student under, Dr. Sidemen Freud, where there was a teacher student relationship that developed, in their discussions of the human mind. Eventually they became in disagreement over their ideas, where they parted. Dr. Jung eventually published his theories, in which gave him a reputation of high regards in a growing research and documentation of the human psych. In his work, he wished to understand the people most afflicted by mental instability. He kept a record of his findings, from when he sat down, and talked with those who were in the grips of mental turmoil. He created the term, “collective unconscious,” and “archetypes,” through the therapy of his patients.

The subconscious rationalizing of the world around, is the part of the human brain that creates images quite on it’s own. It is the part of the human mind that is in constant communication to the thoughts of a person, who tries to understand the thoughts they have, and the feelings they feel. The archetypes are created through this avenue of self evaluation, and awareness. The archetypes can be understood through daily meditation, and an effort to transform the mind into a tool for the growth of the human consciousness.