What a Smile can do

From the age of 12 I have been saying one thing, “a smile is nothing more than the painted reflection of someone else’s desire”

This is a very true statement. Though I will admit, there are times we choose to smile just because we feel we want to, not because we are being forced to.

I have also learned that if a person is having a horrible day and you smile at them, often times they will smile back and they will begin to feel a bit better, even if for just the briefest of moments.

In my life I have always been told to smile, I have had many a things in my life to not smile about. But there are times a person just doesn’t want to smile, it doesn’t in fact mean you are unhappy or down, it just means you don’t want to smile, perhaps you are in deep thought and need time to just think without having to plaster a smile on your face to keep you from being in trouble. But because I didn’t wear a smile my every waking moment I was in trouble my every waking moment. Told to smile told to keep smiling, like it would save my life or create miracles. Well to this day a smile doesn’t create miracles but it does help me feel somewhat better when I am down, depressed or just plain unhappy. But sometimes believe it or not so does not smiling.

I walk into a store and smile at someone who is clearly not happy and the first response I always get is a deeper frown and a look of disgust. But when I say hi with a smile not only on my face but in my voice they cheer up and start a conversation with me.

Being trained as a child to wear a plastic smile,(or so I call them) I smile all the time, even when I am down, hurt, depressed, and just lonely. I smile no matter what. Tears are the forbidden fruit and a smile is the tree of life. So I wear life in that smile and have the world fooled into thinking I have the perfect life.

So, what can a smile do? Well it can lie, lie because it leads others to believe you are totally happy when in fact you are miserably sad and depressed. It can cry, but you have to really know how to do this. A smile that is done with the mouth but spoken through the eyes can shed tears like you’ve never seen before. This is the smile more people need to look for because that person just needs someone to listen to them and understand them, or at least try to. A smile can bounce, listen to something funny and see if your smile doesn’t just bounce right off your face and onto someone else’s. A smile can help someone else feel better, but be careful, if you are reading the smile the wrong way then you may not get the results you are looking for in the other person. A smile can offend, yes offend, as I have smiled at people and been yelled at for it, walking through the local Wal-Mart, I have smiled at a man and he yelled, “who are you smiling at, you don’t know me!” A smile can cause wonderment, look at someone who is smiling and if their smile seems to glisten and glow and ever so often twitches then you sit and wonder what they are thinking about, or what has recently happened to them to create such a unique smile. A smile can also be an answer to a question. Whether a good answer or a bad answer your smile wont lie, unless you are a great smile liar.

A smile is a very talented feature, if you know how to use it to your advantage you can help someone along your pathway in life, or you can play around with it and just have some fun, no matter what, abuse that smile with all you have, for a frown just isn’t worth abusing unless you are an actor/actress….