Understanding Quotemoquot

These days there is a lot of separation between people because of their style, and most probably, one of the biggest separations. People get labeled as ’emo’, ‘chav’ (etc) because of the way they act, dress, and what music they listen to.

In my opinion, this is highly inappropriate, and is ruining our society. I know you might be thinking ‘ruining our society? How pathetic’, however, if you consider the amount of ’emo’s, ‘chav’s (etc) that get abuse for being who they are, then yes, it can be ruining our society. People’s automatically assumed personalities of these labeled people are, in nearly all cases, incorrect.

The term ’emo’ is automatically assumed by most people as depressed people who have long, black fringes, dark clothing, listen to depressing music, think suicidal, cut themselves, feel out-casted and alone, emotionally hurt (etc). This is not the case in most emos.

The term ’emo’ is short for ’emotional’, and can be a number of different things.
Emo can be used as a name for a style of fashion, mainly including skinny jeans, dark clothing, long hair (alot of the time with fringes), converses/vans, heavy eyeliner, facial piercings, tattoos, and including such clothing brands as Famous Stars And Straps, Atticus, Heartcore, Bleeding Star, Drop Dead, Paint The Stars (etc).

Emo can relate to the music, ’emo’. Emo music is basically hardcore punk with emotional lyrics. Examples of emo bands include Hawthorne Heights, Escape The Fate, +44, Bullet For My Valentine (Emo/Metal), My Dear Juliet, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance (etc).

Emo can also be used to relate to sensitive people. Being emotional does not only apply to people with dark clothing and long fringes, it can affect anyone. Causing the feeling of being emotional can be caused by such things as relationships, friendships, relations with relatives/family, love, feelings, abuse, being alone and more.

So next time you see an emo, don’t judge him in the way of slitting wrists. People who slit their wrists need help. I know that, personally, none of the emo’s I know or have seen are depressed all the time, nor do they cut themselves.