Understanding Quotemoquot

As I walk through our local city centre I can count hundreds of kids dressed in their prefferred outfits. There like a uniform, a way to conform to some kind of influence. The desire to fit in. The ironic thing about “emo’s” is that they think they are different and unique but their choice to conform to wearing their uniform makes them the same as every other kid! What I mean by this is that they are simply as confused about life as every other kid and adult!

Today there are so many different influences that it is impossible to be unique. A kid who is into dance or rave music will maybe wear jogging bottoms and a baseball cap. As we all know an “emo” will wear their skin tight jeans and have their hair styled in the “acceptable” manner. The point here is that the baseball cap wearing kid is no different to the “emo”. They will probably still have the same fears and worries about where they are going in life!

I’ve been there. I started out as a young teenager listening to pop music and dancing to rave music. I wore a baseball cap and at the time, the must have trainers with the big tongues hanging out, baggy jeans and a gold earring! One day a friend of mine introduced me to Nirvana and within a week I was growing my hair, had ripped my jeans and wore a Kurt Cobain T-shirt. I was still the same kid, worried about what people thought of me and therefore thinking they didn’t understand! Two years later I left school with long hair and a big dislike of the “establishment” I had tatoos and wore make-up!

Then I grew up, almost over night! I realised that I was the same as everyone around me and that no matter how complicated life got I could get over it just like every other human! I still listen to grunge, I still have tatoos, I’ve cut my hair and got a job which is something I thought I’d never do! “Emo” music is just a modern day version of grunge, as grunge was a version of punk before it and punk has musical links to the 60’s.

The point is that “emos” are just the same as the generation before and equal to everyone else. So enjoy being young and belonging to the “club”. One day you’ll wake up and understand the meaning of humility. Peace.