Penile Discharge

Penile discharge or penis discharge is defined as the abnormal loss of fluid from the penis that is neither urine or semen. In most cases, The condition is a sign that an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) is present. Because of that serious and highly likely probability, should you be experiencing penile discharge you should seek a formal diagnosis from an MD and a treatment plan.

What is a Proper Penis Discharge?

When a penis gets hard and a bit of semen is released. This is so that the penis can feasibly enter the vagina. This is also called “precumming” since it happens before the male orgasms. The “discharge” occurs when the male fully orgasms inside of the female’s vagina. A proper penis discharge is when the male shoots at least a tablespoon of semen. This semen is then used to fertilize the female’s eggs. This is how normal penile discharges happen. Both partners should feel a pleasing feeling. On the other hand, there is a rare occurrence that an unhealthy penis discharge occurs.

What is an Improper Penis Discharge?

There are situations when the clear discharge is unhealthy. Whenever a penis secretes a watery discharge that is NOT semen, there is a problem. If pain, urination of blood or anything that feels uncomfortable occurs, contact your doctor immediately. There are more symptoms that occur through penile discharge. If you notice this occurring, chances are you are at risk of obtaining an STD. Penis discharge is one of many.


Penile discharge is often caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as:

  • Herpes,
  •  Chlamydia
  •  Gonorrhea
  • Trcihomonas vaginalis.

Having unprotected sex with someone who is afflicted with any of these diseases will increase your chances. It is best for one to prevent oneself from exposing themselves to such harmful ailments. To discover whether you have a STD you should get a STD testing kit.  The premier STD testing company in North America is STD Testing express.


It is recommended for persons who are active to have their partners checked before undergoing sexual intercourse. Another precautionary tactic is to practice safe sex. Through the use of a condom, both partners are able to decrease their chances of gaining the disease. Third, abstinence is the definite way to prevent getting penile discharge. These safe practices will ensure that you will not come in contact with the disease. Thus, through prevention, you will be able to protect yourself fully from penile discharge and its symptoms.

What are some Symptoms?

Penis discharge symptoms include yellow or green like color, however, sometimes the discharge could also be colorless. This disease should be treated seriously. Follow the treatment plan in order to prevent future risks from occurring. Refusal to follow the treatment plans can result ailments such as:

  • Scarring of the Penis
  • Inability to draw in foreskin
  • Narrowing in the opening of the penis
  • Spread of infection and cancer

These symptoms can be treated and taken care for. However you need to take serious precautions towards this.

Men already portraying the named symptoms can also portray other signs which may include burning sensation while passing urine, the need to pass urine frequently than usual although this could also be associated with kidney disorder, itchy or painful rash around the genitalia in addition to swollen lymph nodes. Understanding some of the symptoms is very important as you endeavor to treat this condition. According to research, it has been substantiated that young men are mostly associated with penile discharge and that it is a condition that can affect any race. We pointed out earlier that those people portraying signs related to this condition should not conclude that they are already victims until they undergo thorough diagnose on the same. This is because those signs could be associated with other symptoms. The quantity of the discharge varies from scanty to profuse in addition to the victim wanting to urinate over and over especially at night.

Penis discharge is tested by analyzing urine which may show pus within white blood cells if at all there was an infection. The discharge can be caused by either inflammation of infection. Where inflammation is the cause of the problem, the discharge tends to be clear contrary to the other cause where the discharge may have some forms of color. Mostly yellowish or greenish color like discharge maybe present if infection is the cause of the problem. In order to prevent penis discharge, you need to avoid having multiple partners of sex although the same case should apply with the other partner as well. In addition to avoiding sex with different multiple partners, you also need to make sure that the area around the urethra is kept clean all times. Anal and oral sex have been connected with increased chances of contracting this condition.

At some level, this condition could lead to irritation around the surrounding area in addition to sexually transmitted conditions. As we said earlier, in order to determine the actual required treatment, you need to know more about the actual cause. Once substantiate, the physician will prescribe antibiotics such as ceftrioxone or even doxycycline in case of bacteria related infections. If you have been diagnosed with the condition, you should also have your sexual partner tested and treated for the same condition to avoid further re infection.

Closing thoughts

Penile discharge is a deadly disease. Millions of people suffer from it annually. But do not be afraid. By taking such proactive choices, you will be safe from the disease. Conversely, failure to do so will place you in years of suffering, pain and even death. So it is best for people that are sexually active to monitor their partners and keep themselves protected throughout sex.