White Discharge Before Period

Discharge can be a perfectly normal thing. It is our body’s way of cleansing ourselves or flushing out harmful toxins. It also helps keep us lubricated, which is good, because vaginal dryness leads to infections. Most of time, white discharge before period is a common thing for women, however, there may be an infection sometime.

A discharge is a fluid (mucus) that comes out of your vagina which you typically may feel or see in your underwear. Although it is a very uncomfortable feeling, it is an important part of how a women’s body functions. Every month your body is preparing for making a baby which is known as a menstrual cycle. Over the month your body (down there) will vary between feeling dry – to sticky – to being slippery (usually when you are at your most fertile). As a teenager you will most likely experience more fluid discharge but as you get older you will likely produce less discharge as your hormones change.

Is Your White Discharge Before Period A Different Color?

The type of discharge (also known as cervical mucus) you are experiencing can differ from the amount of fluid, color, stickiness, stretchiness and various other symptoms depending on your cycle. There are many levels of white discharge that can occur at the beginning and end of your cycle, however some forms of discharge can be a symptom of infection.

Brown: Usually occurs after your period as your body naturally cleans out your vagina. The discharge appears brown. Here are more details.

Yellow or Green: A thick yellow or green discharge is most likely an infection.

Transparent and Stretchy: This is the normal mucous that occurs during ovulation.

Transparent and Watery: This is the normal mucous that can occur throughout the cycle of your period.

White and Thick: A white discharge is normal at the start and end of your cycle. A thick cottage cheese like discharge is most likely a yeast infection.

Infections Causing White Discharge

Normal discharge can be clear, white, milky, thin, or sticky and stretchy, particularly around your period. If your hormones are imbalanced, this could also be a reason for a normal discharge with white color. In that case, you would need to have your hormones tested. However, there are other abnormal cases. Here are some common infections when you get abnormal vaginal discharge:

Yeast Infection

If your white vaginal discharge is foul smelling, has a change in color or is causing an irritation, then this is most likely a yeast infection. A yeast infection can appear as a crumbly or thick cottage cheese like liquid and can smell like fish or yeast. It can also be accompanied by redness, soreness, pain and an uncomfortable feeling around the vagina. There are several ways for this condition to happen. Taking antibiotics, birth control pills, or having multiple sex partners for a prolonged period of time. Just to name a few.
Symptoms: White thick discharge, burning soreness, itchiness around the vagina.
Cure: OTC Creams, Tablets or Ointments

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

A bacterial infection discharge can be very sticky and smell like fish. It is usually associated with sexual activity and commonly classed as an STD.
Symptoms: Off-white/yellow/grey discharge, fishy smell, mild itching
Cure: Antibiotic Medicine and Home Remedies


Trichomoniasis (also known as ‘trich’) is an STD that is caused by a parasite.
Symptoms: Yellow/green frothy discharge, inflammation, urination discomfort
Cure: Metronidazole or Tinidazole


Gonorrhoea is an STD caused by bacterium. The infection is transmitted through sexual activity. 50% of infected women have no symptoms in the early stages of the infection.
Symptoms: Increased yellow discharge, intense pain when urinating
Cure: Antibiotic Medicine