Brown Discharge Instead of a Period

There are times in a woman’s life where we experience doubt and confusion especially if we have not encountered the circumstances at all. A healthy woman will have a regular monthly period ranging from three to five days. However, there are moments where the menstruation gets delayed or will come too early from the schedule. Without the aid of science, we would have panicked and thought there is something wrong with our menstrual period. But luckily we are well informed enough to know that sometimes our menstrual cycle gets disturbed due to hormonal imbalance.

However, not all conditions related to the menstrual period of a woman are well-known. One specific example is the brown discharge instead of a regular blood. This phenomenon will often cause panic and hysteria to a female, thinking there is something wrong with their vaginal system. Our vagina can clean itself from the remaining eggs when not fertilized every month. However, due to hormonal imbalance, periods may not come regularly, this will often cause the dreaded brown discharge. It may be a rare occurrence for the person experiencing it; this should not cause any alarm. Our menstrual period takes form in many ways like thin and watery or thick and clumpy. This light brown discharge instead of a period often occur during the last days of a period for already grown women, but some teens who have started their cycle may experience it on the middle part as well.

What are causes of brown discharge instead of a period?

  • Late Menstruation

Our vaginal wall is self-cleaning agents that get rid of the extra blood if not fertilized. This is done regularly every month that is why we have a blood discharge. But if the period is delayed, the blood is stored in this lining and would, therefore, have a high chance of changing its color. So the dark brown discharge may just be the only blood stored on the vaginal linings, nothing to be afraid of if this is just the case.

  • Perimenopause

All women undergo menopause, during the stage of perimenopause or early stages of the actual menopause, brown discharge is common. It does not provide any discomfort but a natural phenomenon before the actual menstrual period would stop signaling the start of menopause.

  • Pregnancy

This is often termed as implantation bleeding. Once the fertilization is completed, the embryo will find its way to the uterine lining resulting in a brown discharge instead of a period.

  • Birth control pills

It is not a common cause but is plausible. The primary work of the pills is to suppress the desired hormones to regulate or completely stop. If the suppression is too much, brown discharge might happen.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance also takes into play as to why we have this discharge. Since the hormones released are at an abnormal rate, this may cause distress in your vaginal lining resulting in a brown discharge.

  • Underlying conditions

Serious medical conditions like cervical cancer and gonorrhea just to name a few may cause a brown discharge. It may be followed by other symptoms such as itching, vaginal dry skin, and others.

Prevention From Brown Discharge Caused by An Infection

Brown discharge instead of a period may not impose a severe threat in us, but it is a clear manifestation that something is not right. Preventive measures are advised to eliminate any chance of having this unwanted discharge to take place.

  • Never use unapproved products

Do not just use any commercial gels just to heal it. It will not have any effect at all and might risk the condition of your vaginal skin. It will also help if you can avoid using cleaning products or anything that may irritate the vagina.

  • Control the sex

It may be best to stop having sex to avoid any penetration and further damage to the vaginal lining. Monitor the urge to have regular sex to cure it properly.

  • Cotton underwears only

It is imperative that you wear cotton undergarments. This will help lessen the irritation, and some types of fabric may only worsen it.

  • Do not scratch

One of the common effects of a brown discharge is itching. It is important that you do not scratch nor do anything that may further irritate it.

  • Use pads instead of tampons

Using tampons might only irritate it more so during these days use a sanitary pad instead.

  • Consult your Gynecologist

If this kind of discharge does not stop even after doing the preventive measures, it might be time to visit your gynecologist. You may have an infection that should be treated accordingly.

Proper hygiene is the key to avoiding the brown discharge instead of a regular period. As a responsible woman, we should take care of not only our private parts but our body in general. There may be times that we experience irregular menstruation, but we should take the time to examine if we are living correctly. Taking care of our body will enable to help us live healthily and without any worries at all.