Sulfur or Rotten Egg Burps – Causes and Home Remedies

Burping is a natural phenomenon when the too much air is stored in the stomach. It is a common experience that you have especially after eating or drinking a lot of fluids. Most of the time your burp would smell like the food you have consumed. But sometimes your burp can feel unpleasant, almost as if you have eaten rotten eggs. This is termed us Sulfur or rotten egg burps.

This kind of burp is due to hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen sulfide is commonly found in the food you take, some of them have higher hydrogen sulfide content than the others, resulting in the foul smell.

What are Causes of Sulfur burps?

There are some reasons why do your farts smell like rotten eggs. It is imperative to know these reasons, so this can serve as a guide to control yourself and avoid having this foul smelling burps.

  • Foods high sulfur content

We do not usually mind the food that we take, but these can cause the unwanted rotten egg smell. These substances we partake could have high levels of sulfur, especially if we consume too much at one seating. Examples include red meat, dairy products, eggs, tea and coffee, grains and preserved foods just to name a few.

  • Hapless diet

Eating the substantial amount is essential and should be followed diligently. If you eat too fast and too much, the food would not be digested properly in your stomach causing these smelly burps.

  • Poor lifestyle

Poor habits could also trigger these burps. Not having proper hygiene like brushing the teeth regularly and drinking at least eight glasses of water can cause them to surface.

  • Infections

There are times as well that you would have a bacterial infection caused by the food and fluids that you take. These bacteria can affect the linings of your intestine or how the food is digestive. Along with other symptoms like fever, nausea and abdominal pains, sulfur burps can also occur.

  • Gastroparesis

This condition would occur when the stomach would empty its content slowly because the nerve and muscles of the stomach are damaged. This may lead to a serious cause of sulfur burping and even diseases like diabetes and such.

  • Acute health conditions

Serious conditions like pancreatitis and irritable bowel syndrome among others can also cause the foul smelling burps. It id important to know the underlying condition behind it to have it treated.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women have a high chance of experiencing this kind of burp. This is due to the changes in digestion during pregnancy that these burps are frequently when a woman is expecting a baby.

  • Non-Prescribed drugs

Drinking medicines not prescribed by the doctor or commercialized drugs are not recommended. It may also cause rotten egg burps.

How to get rid of Sulfur Burps

These burps can be an embarrassing situation especially if you are speaking in front of a person. The following listed tips would be able to help you in getting rid of the egg burps.

Home Remedies:

  • Watch what you eat

Self-control is the most important indicator to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid your burps in smelling unpleasant. You do not have to stop eating foods that contain high sulfur abruptly, but you may need to limit yourself to the servings that you should eat in a day.

  • Pepto Bismol

This is commonly used to cure stomach aches for children but taking it when you have a sulfur burp can help drag the sulfuric element out and will it to go away.

  • Lemon water with honey

Drinking lemon water with honey can eliminate the sulfur and toxins in your stomach and is very effective. Just prepare a warm water in a mug and squeeze about half of the lemon juice in it, add a teaspoon of honey to alleviate the sourness. You can drink this every morning for the best positive results.

  • Brown rice

Brown rice that can be found inside the house is an excellent source of fiber. You can consume brown rice as a substitute for regular rice to neutralize the sulfur in the stomach.

  • Apples

Fiber helps regulate the toxins inside the body, so eating apples will assist you in getting rid of sulfur burps. An apple a day is surely helpful for you.

  • Lime juice

If you do not have a lemon in your house, a lime juice would be an excellent substitute. It is best consumed before breakfast to expel the toxins in the stomach.

  • Seltzer water

You can drink this kind of water every meal for effectiveness. It may not taste that good, but you can always add one of your favorite juice to improve the taste.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda has just so many uses and eliminating sulfur burps is one of them. You can start by adding a tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of water. This concoction would make you burp all the unnecessary gas away and may sometimes cause you to vomit. This may be uncomfortable, but the rotten egg smell would go away minutes after drinking the baking soda.

  • Peppermint, chamomile and herbal teas

You can always grab any of the tea above and drink it. This will help neutralize the sulfur in the stomach and eliminate any abdominal pain as well. Ginger candies are also recommended among others.

  • Olive oil

Using olive oil is very easy to get rid of sulfur burps. You can sprinkle a few drops on your daily food and eat them as it is, effortless and efficient.

  • Apple cider vinegar

One spoon of an apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of milk will do wonders if you drink it once a week. This amazing concoction also obviates the belching which have a sulfur odor .

Other Medical Treatment

The mentioned home remedies would usually suffice and eliminate the sulfur burps that you are experiencing. However, if even after following the treatments and the burps would not go away, it might be time to see a doctor. The physician can give you prescribed medicines to get rid of the strong sulfur smell. They can also advise If lab tests are needed to see if there is an underlying condition that causes your burps to smell unpleasant.

It is imperative that you take the initiative to set an appointment not to have the recurring problem of having foul smelling burps. It will also help if you find out any other illnesses that you should address.

Sulfur burps are not considered a severe case aside from the fact that they would smell like rotten eggs. However, if this is not adequately addressed, chronic illnesses may develop. Always be aware do that you can prevent any of this situation in the future.