Fordyce Spots on Lips Causes and Home Remedies

Ever notice the small white or red spots that grows on the border of the lips and sometimes face? It is very common but most people have not given much attention to it since it is painless. This is known as Fordyce granules, Fordyce spots and Sebaceous Prominence. It can also occur in the genital area.

Our skin layer is filled with oil glands and these spots are cause by these glands under the mucus membranes. It is important to note that these spots do not grow but also do not go away through time. It usually occurs on the lips, penis shaft, scrotum, and on woman’s labia. It is characterized by white, red, or purple spots that can bleed during intercourse.

Pictures and Images of Fordyce Spots on Lip


Some people thought that these spots are contagious and can be transferred to another person through kissing or contact but it is not transmittable. There is also myth that it is caused by oral sex but it is not. These spots are inborn but will only show as we age.

Medical experts explain that this can be caused by sebum that from hair follicles or that this is genetic but scientifically no evidence.


Aesthetically, it can be embarrassing for other people. Some people do not care and just tolerate its painless existence on their body. There is treatment available like chemical peels like trichloroacetic acid that can be applied on the lips. This will cause peeling that requires constant moisturizing. However, this is not a permanent treatment because, spots can return. This is the same with tretinoin gel and accutane which is an oral drug more powerful than the former. Still, with the application of these treatment creams or ointment, spots may still come back. Therefore, these are just temporary removal.

Other options include wart removal method, laser vaporization and cryosurgery. Occasionally you can use the same means that you generally use to remove warts, like cautery. On the other hand, laser vaporization is recommended if the spots cause cosmetic concern. This is the most expensive treatment. Cryosurgery, however, can damage the nerves. It involves the usage of maximum cold temperature to remove the spots.

Home Remedy

Little did we know that home remedy is also available for this condition. A garlic-enriched diet and lots of plant-based diets can help get rid of these spots. These contain multivitamins that is effective in easing skin spots.

Oils like jojoba and argania also helps because these contain tochopherol extract. Both contains similar oil produced by the body’s oil glands present in our skin. Others are coconut oil, tea tree oil, turmeric, citruses, spinach, and vanilla extract.


In the end, it is a person’s choice which treatment is best and affordable and available. Best advice is always to take care of health and eat balanced diet to gain vitamins in the body that can help better and faster healing like other conditions.