Can You Get Pregnant From Precum: What are Chances?

Do you want to determine if a woman can get pregnant throughout pre-ejaculation? Are you currently watching out your own sexual routines along with your husband or wife due to your family considering issues? Would you like to find out the scientific information behind precum in addition to learn how does precum get you pregnant? Chances of getting pregnant because of precum is among the most questioned issue particularly among teenagers who’re doing pre-marital sex.

This question is now the trending topic for teenagers who are now exposed to pre-marital sex. Precum itself is often known as pre-ejaculate fluid and it is the informal name for Cowper’s fluid. Studies show that this clear and viscous fluid is produced by the Cowper’s gland and of the prostate gland. It is excreted by the penis upon arousal, kind of what the female also secretes when aroused. Medically speaking, Cowper’s fluid or precum is naturally responsible for lubricating and preparing a much more adaptable environment for the sperms before they enter a female’s vagina.

The Chances of Getting Pregnant From Precum

Basically precum alone cannot make a girl pregnant, but there are some cases which the pre-ejaculatory fluid is somehow responsible in getting a girl pregnant. So it’s possible but it’s less likely and quite rare to happen. You should understand that precum is a certain fluid being released commonly before ejaculation to prepare the passage of sperm. The urethra, which is where both the sperm and urine passes through, has a certain acidity level. The purpose of that fluid is to decrease such levels of acidity in order to protect the sperm passing through. While there is no sperm in the precum, there’s a chance that some sperm cells from the previous ejaculation may have settled in the urethra. Once another precum is released, the sperm that was left behind can go along with the said precum. If that precum containing some sperm cells make it through the vagina and onto the womb where there’s a ripe egg waiting, then that’s how one can get pregnant even just from a precum. But then again, this is less likely to happen. Usually, the “left-over” sperm gets washed out when the guy urinates before the next possible instance of ejaculation.

In the time of Menstruation

During the monthly period it can also be possible for girls who get irregular periods because of possibility which their egg cell can be present particularly if they did not consider the times.

Other Things

Do you know the other possibility involving precum? It’s the fact that you may get infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) even just from a precum. That’s true. But as mentioned earlier, that is less likely to happen. It’s a different story if you are looking forward to get pregnant and find out that you can even from a precum. It’s also another story if you discovered that you can get diseases like herpes, hepatitis and HIV even just from a precum. Nobody is looking forward to that. Try to keep these important details in mind.

How to Prevent Getting Pregnant from Precum

There are actually many ways that they could do. Basically, the method on protecting women from pregnancy whether it’s from precum or ejaculation, is the same. Using condom is actually one of the ways to protect women from precum pregnancy. The reason that most people usually don’t really like to use condom in sexual intercourse is it could decrease the satisfaction of feeling on the penetration process. For people who wouldn’t like to use condom, think about using intrauterine and also birth control pills for effective effects.

You need to either start using protection and also use rhythm technique to ensure that you and your partner do not want to become pregnant then even though you have precum, that in most cases can happen, then you’ll not get worries of getting pregnant.