How to Safely Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a very simple solution that can be found in just about everybody’s medicine cabinet or under the bathroom sink. This virtually colorless liquid; also known as H2O2, contains two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. While this compound can serve as anything from a bleaching agent to propelling rockets into space, most people will be familiar with its household uses.

Typical over-the-counter mixtures will contain only 3% pure hydrogen peroxide diluted with 97% water. Because of this compound’s propensity to break down rapidly when exposed to bright light, it is generally sold in dark brown, opaque bottles.

How to Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide Safely

Due to its disinfecting properties, this compound is an excellent and inexpensive product many people use to cleanse their mouths. The inside of the mouth is a virtual breeding ground for bacteria, and thus rinsing and/or gargling with this kind of peroxide not only promotes good oral hygiene by killing these organisms, but also aids in relieving pain associated with inflamed gum tissue from conditions such as gingivitis. It serves as an economical way to maintain bright teeth and also accelerates the healing of canker sores and the white, pus-filled areas commonly found on those suffering from a sore throat. Contrary to the popular belief that these pus formations are only found on those with a strep throat infection, such white spots can appear in anyone with throat irritation such as that found with a cold, post-nasal drip, allergies, or all of the above.

When gargling with hydrogen peroxide, it is recommended to dilute the solution with a 50% concentration of water. This can easily be accomplished by filling a standard bathroom-sized 3 ounce Dixie cup to the halfway mark with the peroxide solution, and then topping the remainder of the cup with water. Despite the fact that most store-bought bottles already contain 97% water as previously mentioned, it is nevertheless highly acidic, and thus further dilution with water will reduce the burning sensation within any part of the oral cavity.

One should gargle or swish the mixture in his or her mouth for 30-60 seconds, and then spit it out into the sink; making sure none is accidentally swallowed. Provided the user reads the label on the bottle, it will state that a poison control center should be contacted in the event of ingestion. It is highly unlikely that a minuscule amount making its way down the esophagus will poison anyone, but this warning is intended to make users aware that; unlike a product such as Nyquil, the compound is not made for drinking! In fact, serious gastric problems and/or ulcer formations can result if enough is swallowed.

Once an individual has gargled or rinsed the inside of the mouth with hydrogen peroxide and spit it out, rinsing with water and continuing to spit a few times will be necessary to eliminate the foamy residue.

By following these safety precautions when gargling, the risks of bodily harm will be reduced to practically nothing. Moreover, one will enjoy the benefits of a virtually clean and well-maintained mouth.

Two Points: Tips for Using Safely

Whiten the teeth: It should first be poured into a small cup. An 8 oz. bathroom cup would be sufficient. Place 2 oz. of hydrogen peroxide into the cup. You may choose to treat your teeth without diluting it, but for those who might be sensitive to the caustic bubbles, please dilute it with 1 oz. of warm water. Fill your mouth with the peroxide but do not swallow. Instead hold your mouth closed and breath through the nose as you alternate between swishing the solution around and holding it still so that it can fizz against the enamel of the teeth and work its magic. Repeat the process once a day and you should see results within a few weeks. It will work. Many toothpastes are now made with peroxide because of its amazing whitening effects.

Use for a sore throat: There is an old home remedy which consists of fifty percent hydrogen peroxide and fifty percent Listerine that is pretty kick-bum as it also eliminates mouth ulcers. The way to prep up this miracle gargle is to pour 4 oz. of Listerine into a cup and add 4 oz. of the peroxide . Listerine should be the plain antiseptic version. Cool mint, citrus, or any other fruity or dyed down variations will not be effective. Generic brands can be used as a Listerine substitute, so long as they are also plain antiseptic rinses.

Mix together the ingredients with a spoon or coffee stirrer. After both ingredients have been evenly distributed, place the solution into your mouth and alternate between swishing, holding it still, and gargling it. When swishing move it around from side to side repeatedly for one minute. Then, tilt your head back and use the roof of your mouth in conjunction with your tongue in order to form the gargling motion. Be sure not to swallow and to breath through your nose while doing such. When you have alternated between swishing, gargling, and holding for a total of three minutes, spit the solution out into a nearby sink. Repeat the process if necessary.

Warning: Overusing the hydrogen peroxide might be the risk factor for damaging to the tooth enamel, and there are also a few adverse side effects while you are using for over extended periods of time, such as softening the surface of tooth enamel so as to lead to the damages of cells.


Hydrogen Peroxide is one of life’s amazing substances. It is one of the few things you can use on a cut, a shirt, and a mouth ulcer. The best thing about it is that it costs less than a dollar in most places. It is a very thrifty way to treat bad breath, discolored teeth, and the average boo-boo.