Causes of Painful Ejaculation

It is fairly uncommon for men to have got painful ejaculation during the sexually activity, and there also might have other symptoms associated with this condition. These can be dependent on various kinds of things such as problems in your body or your partner’s, and social interactions as well.

There are other common symptoms and signs that your ejaculation feels painful, including bloody urine, urethral discharges, lower pain on abdomen, hard to pass urine or erection, and fever etc. Thus, there could be many reasons that might lead to an ejaculation painful along with other related symptoms.

Let us discuss some of the causes as below.


This is an inflammatory condition that affects the prostate gland of the male and the underlying reason for this could range from bacterial infection to immune mediated event. The prostate will store the seminal fluid which will make up part of the semen and will release once the stimulus to ejaculate reaches the prostate. Thus, an inflamed prostate will prevent the fluid from releasing as well as obstruct the flow due to the swelling. Each of these events can lead to pain as the stimulus will contract the smooth muscles within the prostate to propagate the seminal fluid against resistance.

Urinary infections or sexually transmitted diseases:

In infections, either urinary or sexually transmitted, the flow of the semen or the urine will be obstructed and would be more irritating. The ultimate result would be pain while ejaculating or else at the time of urinating. Characteristically, the pain would be felt more in the tip of the penis and the reason being that this area becomes inflamed more in many of these infections.


The condition gives rise to a swelling in the urethra and thus a pain at the time of passing urine or when the semen enters the urethra.


The seminal fluids would be released from the prostate at the time of orgasm through the ejaculatory ducts in to the urethra. A blockage in these ducts would result in a pain which would be interpreted as an ejaculatory pain.

Psychological pain:

In certain instances, past events such as child abuse, depression, mental stress and other psychological disturbances could give rise to a painful ejaculation and in such instances a diagnosis would be made by exclusion rather than by direct findings.

Apart from these causes, certain neurological disturbances can also lead to such ejaculatory pain and comprehensive investigations including urine full report, culture of any urethral discharges, cystoscopy and certain other imaging studies will establish the probable diagnosis.