Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papule treatment is both a safe and effective surgery, but not necessarily permanent in all cases. Pearly penile papules are small raised bumps which ring the head of the rim of the penis. Because they often appear in what looks like organized rows, the comparison to a string a pearls has often been made. A pearly penile papule will be slightly raised with a domed top that is smooth to the touch.

While there is no known reason at this time for why pearly penile papules appear, they are completely benign and pose no risk to your health if untreated. They may cause the penis to be overly sensitive during sexual intercourse which for some men is cited as being uncomfortable – there are however others that do enjoy the extra sensation. The only real risk pearly penile papules pose to a man is if they attempt to pop them or scratch them somehow breaking the skin leaving the possibility for infection and scarring to take place.

While pearly penile papules present no real risk, that does not mean that all men are pleased with their presence. For those men who wish to have their pearly penile papules removed, there is really only one option at this time which is quick and safe. Using a CO2 laser, a dermatologist can remove pearly penile papules on an outpatient basis in one visit with no need for injections or anything that would hinder your day to day functioning aside from sexual intercourse being prohibited for two weeks in most cases.

Using a CO2 laser, the pearly penile papules are usually fully removed, although some will be stubborn and can only be reduced in size. After the procedure has been performed the numbness from the lidocaine spray will subside within thirty minutes usually. You may want to take the rest of the day off to be somewhat immobile and relax, but in most cases you can return to any non-strenuous activity rather quickly, Defer to the specific instructions of your doctor in this matter.

Over the course of the next two weeks there will be some scabbing and swelling which is completely normal under the circumstances. The swelling will peak first and subside first followed by the scabbing. In some men the healing process is faster than the two week period cited, and in some it may be slightly longer. If there are still issues with scabbing and swelling after two weeks you should make a follow-up appointment to be checked again. While the pearly penile papules that were visible at the time of treatment were removed or reduced, the possibility does exist for them to reappear again.

Mayo Clinic