Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax – Real

It is laughable to me that so many people believe that the 6 moon landings were hoaxes. Was it really necessary to pull the same hoax 6 times ? Do you really believe that the hundreds of people involved in such a hoax all kept their mouths shut for over 30 years ?

The moon is not far away in astronomical terms and every year the accomplishment of landing a manned mission there is growing less of a fantastic feat. Please remember that mankind has already sent unmanned probes way the hell farther than the moon. I am sorry to say that it is really no big deal anymore that man landed on the moon. (The Coneheads thought it was no big deal too”). It was in 1969 for Pete’s sake. Sending a man to Mars is way more difficult than the moon. If you don’t believe that just find out the difference in distance. I can tell you this, you wouldn’t want to walk it ! It is easier today to land a maned mission on the moon than it is to land an unmanned probe on Mars. If you don’t believe that then ask yourself why we landed on the moon before we successfully landed a probe on Mars. It took about 8 years longer to land a probe on Mars.

What is the benefit of pretending anyone landed on the moon? The moon is nice to look at on a clear night from Earth but the entire surface is a desert and I mean no rain at all. It also has large swings in temperature and by the way you need a well functioning space suit to breathe and walk on the moon. Sorry Sting. (This is a reference to the song “Walking On The Moon” by the band “The Police”).You also need a highly sophisticated rocket ship to get there. If you own a Hummer it doesn’t matter. You still have zero chance of getting there using it.

I don’t believe real estate would sell well on the moon. You can’t advertise ocean front property or tropical temperatures year round. You can’t promise great wildlife areas on the moon. You wouldn’t want to vacation there.

In reality the moon is a large wasteland that is great to view on a clear night. Maybe someday far away in the future there will be great natural resources or maybe other great discoveries made there. As for now I will just enjoy looking at it on clear nights.