Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax – Real

With my own two eyes, I saw the space shuttle take-off several times from the cape. I also went to the space museum and took the tour around the place. As a result, I believe that the brave astronauts of NASA went to the Moon, or they tried to get there.

Those who disclaim the fact that we landed on the moon were never passengers on any of those trips and did nothing more than take their best guess as to why those landings never happened. I believe that good old luck and Yankee knowhow got the job done, in spite of the great odds against their success. Those people who believe that we did not land on the Moon did little to cause me to believe otherwise. Their so called proof is little more than baloney to me.

Then again, there is proof that several unmanned crafts landed on various other planets beside the Moon, but are those efforts just a huge waste of the taxpayer money? People need honest jobs in order to stay healthy and alive, and I wonder what all of those truly smart people would do if they did not work for NASA?

We all know that sometime in the future our Sun will decay and destroy all life on Earth.mankind has plenty of time to explore the Universe during the next half billion years. So too, we ought to do more in which to make life better here on this Earth for all of the World’s people. The people within NASA should do more to develop “Green Friendly” technology.

Back in the 1960s some people from NASA improved the invention of the fuel cell and used that technology to power the space craft that went to the moon and back. From my point of view those fuel cells should have been making electricity to power our modes of transportation more than 30 years ago, but that alternate fuel source is just now reaching the market place.

Since global warming is the result of the burning of fossil fuels billions of barrels of crude oil wouldn’t have been refined and burned as fuel for those soon to be obsolete modes of transportation. I myself wonder just how many more green friendly devices that are currently used by NASA that still remain a secret because of National Defense concerns. Our enemies might not be able to defeat us but Mother Nature can destroy the Earth together with every living thing. The forces of Nature are as powerful as any weapon of mass destruction that Mankind ever created.

That is no better reason for the people of our World to unite to fight a common enemy as soon as we can. We are just now seeing the effects of Global warming and only a fool would simply sit back and do nothing while our environment gets worse with each passing day.

Then again, the money spent by NASA since its creation would build a “Green Friendly” house for every person within our Country. Too me, that’s more important.