How to Recognize the Risk of Violence in an Individual

The Holy Bible recognizes the fact that human beings have a fallen sinful nature. We are not able to properly handle our violent behavior without the assistance of The Holy Spirit providing inner cleansing power to spiritually heal the violent tendencies that lays dormant in human kind.

A classic example of violent behavior is a tale of two brothers: Jacob (latter God changed his name to Israel) and his older twin brother Esau (who became to founder of Edom) Jacob was born grasping Esau’s heal hence Jacob means heal grabber. Rebekkah and Issac were their parents. Rebekkah noticed the war taking place in her womb. God revealed to her that within her womb were two rival nations. The older son, Esau, would serve the younger Jacob.

Jacob was a Shepard, whereas, his brother Esau was a mighty hunter well known for his violent temper. However one day he returned from his hunting trip empty handed. Jacob was preparing a bowl filled with lentil soup. Jacob had Esau sell his birthright over a bowl of soup, and according to God, Esau despised his birth right!

That was the end of round one between the one of history’s oldest brother against brother conflict. When Issac was upon his death bed he wanted to give his blessing to his oldest favorite son, Esau.

However Rebekkah was very clever: she instructed Jacob to kill some of his live stock, and she would prepare the savory dish that her husband enjoyed. She also had Jacob dress himself in Esau’s clothes, and pretend to be his older brother. As a result Jacob took not only Esau’s blessing, but also his birth right! Hot headed Esau promised to kill his younger brother Jacob as soon as the days of mourning over his father had ended! Rebekkah heard Esau’s threat and told Jacob to go to her brother’s Laban household. Jacob remained in Laban’s household for about 20 years!

How do people recognize the risk of violence in an individual? During criminal background investigations law enforcement agencies not only look at their criminal record, but also their tendencies to commit further violent crimes. They refer the perpetrators to behavioral psychologists. By accessing their behavioral patterns they can make their professional evaluations: the criminal can be rehabilitated, or the criminal refuses to be rehabilitated.Of course, there are also criminals who take perverse delights in trying to, “beat the system!”