How to Recognize the Risk of Violence in an Individual

I came from a home where both parents where violent.
My father was sexually abusive as well as violent and verbally abusive
my mother was only verbally abusive,emotionally abusive and physically violent.

These are cold and calculating people with the ability to justify in their own minds
their own heinous actions while in the process amplifying the wrong doings of others
to glaze over what they have done.

To be able to justify something as sick and bazaar as sexually abusing a child or beating
a child until it passes out there’s no telling what they are capable of doing.

To recognize the potential of violence in an individual for most people
there are visual cues in behavior as well as visual cues in skin texture,color and muscle tone.Verbal patterns become some times slower and quieter or faster and louder depending on the person as well as the situation and combining emotional factors.

Mostly the easiest way to tell if a person is about to become violent is in the body language.
Fast jerking lunging motions or very slow stiff body motions are usually indicators.
Like I said before it depends on the person.Some peoples eyes narrow to almost a slit while
other peoples eyes widen to the point that the eyes look like they would fall out of the head
and any minute.

As for fantasizing about violence and vengeance lots of people fantasize about all kinds of things but most people aren’t the kind of people that are that far gone in the head to fallow through with it.I think that the best indicator of violence is history.Has the person abused
their child,wife,coworkers,neighbors and so on.If they have you should also consider the
the persons ability to just glaze over the situation as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

The definition of depression is deep sadness and it has nothing to do with violence however
if any person is taunted and evoked enough they will get upset and use whatever method possible to stop the tormentor/s.

Not very many people will go to the extreme of going to a mall and shooting people let alone people they don’t even know however there are many people in the world that will take out
their frustration on others when things aren’t going their way.That’s just reality!Sad but true.This isn’t some happy land marshmallow world and if you can’t stand up for yourself
then you continue to get abused your whole life.Maybe for some that’s the plan but it don’t
sound like something I want any part of.

Who wants to be bullied their whole lives?