How to Recognize the Risk of Violence in an Individual

Violence, a quality that is by far the most harmful to the human race besides global warming, comes in many forms. Violence against women, violence against children, domestic violence, animal cruelty, war, rape, you name it. With there being over six billion individuals on this earth, a number in which most of us will only meet a fraction of, we will more than likely encounter someone with a tendency toward violence.

With this in mind, how do we recognize this fatal quality in someone? Violence is not just psycological. It comes from deep inside a person’s heart. Why do I say this? Take this scenario for an example. There is a woman who never has been in any type of physical altercation with anyone. She enters into a somewhat meaningful relationship with a man. One day they argue. It gets heated. She hauls off and gives him a face discoloring slap. What just happened? She wonders even to herself, “where did that come from? I’ve never slapped someone before. I just lost it and my reflexes went.”

The man may even wonder to himself where it came from. She was this sweet, kind woman that changed into something else for a split second. Now the arguments are more frequent. The slaps are more intense. Her language gets more violent. What is going on?

There are a number of things that could be happening. One known fact is that violence on television desensitizes people. The more violence a person watches, the more lax they become to real life violence, thus taking it for granted.

There are those who would claim they would never do certain things to another human being, yet when a situation arises, uses one of the first things that leads to physical violence, violent, hurtful speech.

Also, in the scenario mentioned earlier, the young lady could be one who likes to be entertained by violence on television. The entertainment industry has a subtle way of making violence look justified. For example, if a person is wronged in a movie, done unjustly, when he lashes out toward the culprit to get revenge in some sort of violent way, he is justified.
Could it be that the images the young lady has watched over the years has gotten into her mind and seeped into her heart. She uses what she has seen against her man because she feels justified.

Violence is often looked upon as an escape route. Why do I say this. Well, instead of talking out a matter let’s say in a bar. Two men decide to “meet each other outside.” A person who does not know how to communicate will more that likely do one or two things: be silent or resort to violence.

Another trait that leads to violence is jealousy. Jealousy has caused a many a people to loose their lives. Just a couple of months ago on Christmas Eve a jealous boyfriend walked into the house on his girlfriend wrapping gifts, shot her dead, and turned the gun on himself.
We all have heard of incidents such as this. There is an example of this noted in the Bible about Cain and Able. Cain killed his brother out of a jealous rage.

Another way to recognize a violent trait is when a person is prone to breaking things. This goes back to someone not knowing how to communicate or control themselves. Throwing things becomes his escape route. One day the person may well throw something into you.

Also, watch out for a quick tempered person. They do not take time out to think a matter through. People with a quick temper tend to sum a situation up without evaluating it thoroughly. Anger leads to violence. When anger turns into rage, it becomes like a bull seeing red. Nothing else around the person matters because the rage has taken over, thus blinding the person.

At times there may even be certain sicknesses that can cause a person to become violent. This is when the violence becomes a psychological issue. Such mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Manic Depression can lead to chemical imbalances in the brain, thus at times leading to a catastrophic altercation. Medication becomes necessary for such disorders. These are not the only disorders that can lead a person to violence. Research may be needed to note others.

Drug and Alcohol abuse are things that also lead to violence. These things alter a persons mental abilities. If there was any control before the drugs and alcohol, it goes out of the door, along with all reason.

These are just a few things I have mentioned. Yet, they are very important things to look for when dealing in close association with someone. It is important to take your leave and remove yourself from around such a person. This is for your own safety and that of your loved ones, especially children. For they absorb things quickly. It would be a shame for a young child to learn such a detrimental behavior.

Nevertheless, we should remember. There is never an excuse for violence. It tears people apart and makes the human race seem animalistic. If more people applied the golden rule, violence would diminish.