Origin of Violence

In the world we live in now we hear stories of truly violent behaviour, of how men maul each other, and of how fights break out over the smallest of things. We even hear of serial killers, of murdering rapists, and people who take pleasure out of violence against others. So naturally it begs the question of what is it exactly that makes these men so abhorrently violent? Is it natural, maybe a part of their brain? Or maybe they become violent over the years, because of an event in their childhood.

To understand this we must understand how our minds work. When we are born, we have memories, but only those memories that we have been able to hear, which means memories that aren’t memories at all. Apart from these our brains have certain characteristics, with many chemicals being responsible for our many infinite reactions. Our nervous reaction is built, and our body decides whether we will be dominant or docile, though in very limited terms. So yes, violent behaviour can originate from birth, that’s the thing, it can only originate from here.

For it to grow, for it to become a conscious, living and breathing form of violence in us, it has to be grow, it has to be manipulated, and above all else it must be fed. If a child is born, treated kindly throughout is childhood, evades abuse and is able to focus himself on his life, there is the strongest chance that he will not be violent. But fate always intervenes, pushing a man to his limit, whether it becomes a necessity, or a form of revenge, sometimes a man snaps, and must commit violence. In other words he is raised to become violent. In cases of Jack the Ripper, even Ted Bundy, the two most notorious serial killers of all time, we learn that there were always events in their lives that make them in committing their acts of evil. So it can be rightly said that a baby cannot be violent from birth. He must be bred and his mind subjected to an event that makes him snap.

Whether it is a schoolyard bully, or sexual abuse. Even we are capable of violence, but because we have escaped injustice we are not compelled to expel our anger. Rather we learn to control it, until, of course, the day that we snap. In summary it is true that all minds are innocent when born, and only raised to become violent.