How to Recognize the Risk of Violence in an Individual


I am going to go a step further in this article and talk about the warning signs of a specific abuse. In this article i am going to tell woman about the risks involved with domestic violence.

We as woman sometimes overlook the signs that the man we love has the potential to be violent. I am not talking about the damage that can just be done with his fist. Violence can branch out into his words and his actions. We make excuses because we love them and sometimes love can be derived from the good we see in that person. In the event they become violent we hold onto the memories of the good in them. What woman would want to believe that a man with such a beautiful spirit can have such an ugly and hateful soul. Loving a person is never an excuse to deal with their abuse. I am going to give you a few warning signs that your significant other potentially has the capacity to be violent.

The first time he ever puts his hand on you in any other form but a touch of love he has the potential to be violent. This action is usually followed by an apology(one that most woman will most likely accept) saying that things just got out of hand or the argument just went a little to far. Be aware that there is no such thing. He should have enough respect for you to just walk away. No one should ever be allowed to encroach on your personal space in a manner that you do not allow.

When a man is to much of a coward to stand up and accept ruining his own life or being responsible for their own actions he will try to find ways to put the blame on someone else. He usually will try lines like “If you wouldn’t pressure me so much i could have…” or “If i wasn’t so worried about you i would have…” and “I should have been doing more but you…”. All the woulda, shoulda, couldas will not change the fact that he is his own responsibility.

If a guy is fed up with work or just life in general. He should not come home and treat you like the enemy. Home is were he should be able to let the cares of the world go. If he comes home yelling about inanimate things such as the house being dirty or why do you have your friends over. He begins to yell about things that even you have no idea what he is talking about. I would say check your priorities, If he cannot come home and share his feelings instead of attacking your character and hurting yours, you need to always know that a relationship is about caring and sharing. You are not the world and should not be treated as such.

The signs of a violent partner are always there. Sometimes it’s more noticeable than other things. You should just pay attention to the little things. The things he says and how open he is with his feelings. Pay attention to how he treats you and appreciates you. My advice to all woman would be: Don’t just look at him through the eyes of love but, see him through the eyes of your mind , intuition and soul.