How to Recognize the Risk of Violence in an Individual

There is a strong belief that violence is learned both visually and through conditioning. When children see violence done to others and there is no recourse then they learn that it is acceptable. Mostly these violent acts are done by those they see every day. Domestic violence and school violence that is not stopped is seen as something that should be repeated and there for it is learned. Psychologist would say it is refractory or reflected behavior and will be retained for a life time. Social isolation and anger against others either verbal or written are signs of violence. Rebelliousness may be a response to stress at home and may cause tension and violence. Inpatients to others are a sign of trouble and aggression. As our lives get more complex and growing up is pushed earlier the violence is getting more personal. A person who is enraged uses there voice and eventually there thoughts and actions to harm others.

Columbine was maybe a case of neglect. Anger is one of the emotions that confound us all. No one can make a mistake without being watched. Every second of every day we are seen and thought about. The specters standing on the side lines make people nervous and at times enraged. When friends are few and far between and all you see is the viciousness that seeps like water into the cracks in a person’s personality. If you think of all the fundamentalist persons and how they train’ there children it is just asking for violence. Being so arrogant causes others to hate and get enraged truly there is no acceptation for those that are so aggressive about religion. Faith is not science and science is not perfect. Mental states can not be easily explained, so violence is not all that easily explained. Culture can impact violent behavior, so if one is raised in a culture that is violent at its core then the person will be violent. As in the Mid Eastern culture there is such violence and it is accepted. Killing and raping are accepted and done by fathers and husbands and sons. There is such a loss of manners and kindness in general that violence may just be peoples only answer and keeping them in line will be the police and other enforcers.