Ten Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

For some reason, it is more of a human nature to expect to fail. We never expect anything to go right, and probably it is because when we expect things to go right, and then they don’t, it is a major letdown. I always hear people saying how they failed a test, or they didn’t do well on a job interview, only to get the job, or ace the test. Failure hurts, but here are a few ways that you can get over your fear of possibly failing.

Just remember that it is OK to fail, and that we all fail from time to time. Just because you fail, doesn’t mean that you are bad, it just gives you something to learn from.

Failure is what causes us to grow. If you never fail, you never have to look at why you failed, and what you can do differently the next time.

Failure humbles us, and that is a good thing. If we never fall flat on our face, there is nothing that can keep us from thinking that we are better than everyone.

Failure means that we are willing to take a risk every so often. Failure isn’t just the result of doing the wrong thing, but it can be the result of trying to do something that no one has tried before. It is good to spread your wings every so often.

Failure is not the end of the world, it just shows us what we aren’t good at. We can’t be good at everything, and when we fail, we learn what direction to not go in life.

If we never failed, we would never stumble upon unseen success. Remember that penicillin wasn’t something that was planned, it was actually the result of a failed test.

Without failure, we wouldn’t appreciate success. If we did everything so well, would we really care after awhile? Its why we challenge ourselves, to see how much we can do.

Failure is only relative. As Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed, I have only found 10,000 things that don’t work.” Take that into account next time you don’t get something right.

Failure builds character, and it gives us the resolve to keep going. When we fail, we learn a lot about ourselves, and how we handle our adversity. If we don’t have adversity, what do we judge ourselves by?

Those are just a few things to keep in mind the next time you are worried that you will just fail, and be a failure. If you remember that we all fail, and that failure brings out the best in us sometimes, you won’t be so worried to fail. Don’t worry, just get up and learn from your failures. If you can do that, you really haven’t failed at all.