How the Fear of Failure can Discourage People from going on a Diet

Nobody wants to try and fail, but, all too often, this is what happens with dieting.  The nature of weight reduction is one of failure because weight loss involves changing life habits – which is no small endeavor.  The problem is that when a dieter fails to achieve her weight-loss goals, discouragement rushes in to convince her that she will never succeed.  Why should she diet, when she is just going to end up failing? 

That negative little inner voice that plagues each of us is what they call our “core belief.”  It is made up of past failures and achievements, and usually the failures far outnumber the successes.  Our core belief is that nagging little tape that plays over and over again in our thoughts, telling us all the cards are stacked against us – that we will ultimately fail.

Realistically, though, our thoughts don’t know the future.  But, if we don’t make our thoughts more positive, they become self-fulfilling.  When that happens, we say, “I told you that I would fail.”

The good news is that anyone can take command over nagging, negative thoughts and create a positive, more truthful, realistic core belief.  Life is full of new beginnings, and we can create a new mental tape to reinforce positive thoughts and propel us to successful weight loss.

Whenever you are assaulted with a negative thought about dieting, stop and replace it with a more positive one.  It could go something like this:

Negative Thought:  “I’m going to be fat for the rest of my life.  I will never be able to stay on a diet.”

Positive Replacement Thought:  “Yes, I can lose weight.  I can do it one day at a time.”

This method of restructuring our thoughts may seem simplistic, but – let me assure you – it works.  A year ago, I began dieting, and now, one year later, I weigh 30 pounds less.  I went from a Size 14 to a Size 6.  I just kept telling myself over and over again that I could do it – that it didn’t matter how many times in the past I had failed at dieting.  That was then – this is now. 

That’s all I did.  It doesn’t matter what diet you use to lose weight.  They all work.  The thing that you have to change is your thinking.  Once you’ve succeeded at that, the rest is easy.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged from past weight-loss failures.  If you work at something long enough, you will achieve success, and dieting is no exception.  The battle to lose weight is in the mind.  Once you gain control over that, success will follow.