Why is Race a Myth

Myths are collections of fictitious stories, beliefs, or concepts. Race is a mythical concept that was “legitimized” by deviance and corruption in the scientific, religious, social, government, and business sectors in order to allow moral facilitation of enslavement, genocide, and oppression of non Europeans as European expansion commenced throughout the world.

In the scientific area, aside from variations in physical appearance, there are no proved or known supports for differences in intelligence, ability to survive, or ability to function as human beings that are based on the mythical concept of race. Scientists of the pre slave and pre hegemony era in European exploration had no reason to believe that there was any reason for humans from other parts of the world to function equally with Europeans. However, religious, government and business pressure, plus the increasingly deviant attitudes of the leading scientists of the times colluded to create justification for what was clearly immoral and unethical mistreatment of other human beings. For the unethical and immoral behavior to continue and to be profitable, science had to create a false foundation.

In the religious area, such falsifications of biblical lore as Africans being the sons of Ham, the son who offended Noah and who was banished to the “dark continent” for eternal rejection and punishment abounded. There was no problem, however, with the allegedly mortal sin of deviating from the truth of the bible as the word of God, given the profit that resulted from creating new biblical myth to allow sinful and immoral activity.

In the area of government, the power of false scientific and religious justifications gave general acceptance to the idea of placing all other humans on lower legal, moral, biblical, financial, social and other standings in order to create freedom from the legal and moral consequences for mass enslavement, genocide, and mistreatment of other human beings for financial and other gains.

In the area of military and strategic interests, the aggressive attempts by non European humans to defend themselves and their lands were defined as warlike and evil activities that required far superior killing machines and tools in order to subdue or kill whole populations and to introduce oppressive and draconian measures in order to continue world dominance.

Some British elements, however, are to be credited with demonstrating a desire to spread improved ways of governing and living, including industrialization in order to improve life in undeveloped countries. Their goal was to make the improvements, then leave and let people be, as it was proving far too costly in lives, and far to difficult to maintain the far flung elements of the British Empire.

Today, “scientists” who attempt to push the idea of race as a determinant of intelligence are generally regarded as social and intellectual deviants, as are religious leaders who push false biblical interpretations, and government leaders who call for racially divisive policy.