Will an Extraterrestrial Race ever Assume Control of the Earth

There’s always a chance when the crazy thought of if aliens will visit Earth is true or not. Recently, this topic is nothing new. It has been discussed on televisions, newspapers, Internet, books among other sources. If you go around and ask people: “Do you think there would come a chance that Earth might be invaded by a race of beings that are at least 1 billion years ahead of us”? Of course some would answer yes and many would answer no. People today have limited minds. But were many people (ordinary ones) from ancient times were so obsessed with such subjects? The answer I can give is technology.

When people are brought into the subject of aliens, they think of technology. Today we haven’t seen any alien signs reported from SETI or even NASA. The government also claims that no aliens haven’t visited the Earth. The thing is, the government is always wrong about stuff like this. But why? is it that they want Americans all dumb not knowing what exists beyond our control? maybe. But still why is the government taking it for their own benefit and not sharing important information that could change the world with the people (namely America)? Surely we may never know why the government is acting like this. My fascination with such subjects sparked in my mind when I turned 11 years old. I started to read about aliens and I was curious if they were real or not. But I didn’t get a definite answer. Of course at that time, I had no idea why. Then a couple of months later, I watched TV programs like Naked Science: Close Encounters where it accurately shares many great scientists’ views upon this. Many of them like Dr. Michio Kaku and world famous Physicist Stephen Hawking stated that if an alien race were to come, we have no control of it. In other words, if the extraterrestrial race is warlike and developed, we are doomed.

Besides science talking about Extraterrestrials, there’s the “New Age” movement. Honestly, New Age is the only movement dedicated into taking this subject very seriously. According to many New Age critics, the government military knows only 57 different races. If you want information about these races, I am always glad to give it to you: hhtp://www.burlingtonnews.net/secretsufo.html. If you look around the website, you will find a long list of descriptions of species that claim that the government only knows about. Some people reading the list, will find it simply ridiculous. This is exactly what the government wants you to feel. You see if you haven’t noticed, the government is always coming up with schemes to fool the people into thinking that they don’t work. Their plans are working but the government is deadly scared of a small percentage of people who are willing to help everyone open their mind and imagination and decide the truth between themselves and not let the government tell them what to do. These people could be contactees, light-workers, spiritual guides, star seeds, among many others! Some people have heard about this and already know the truth. Well the truth is, space beings are everywhere. You can’t see them because you can’t percieve beyond what is material. Many great New Age writers have shown us ways to protect this planet and have written books about. But beware of false prophets who claim that their religion is right, it’s not.

New Age tells us that we (humans and Earth) is surrounded by 50+ benevolent races that are powerful enough to handle malevolent races by themselves. Reasons for this include that some races see us as their “distant” brothers or that we belong to them. The thing is an invasion could however be considered a “rare” event but war between two alien races that doesn’t involve humanity in the picture but could use Earth as their “battle ground” is certainly possible. But really who knows? What is Earth’s final fate? When you think of the most common thing to happen, Life throws at you something very unusual and uncommon like an extraterrestrial invasion. But Earth after all by chance could be seen by an alien race as a prized jewel containing a young race that is yet to be conquered and holds vast amounts of precious resources that could serve a purpose for them. However movies played a roll as well. Like this for example: why did the movie “The Matrix” worried the government so much? Well it’s just a movie correct? No it really isn’t. If you watched the movie, all events happening there form hidden meanings that are meant for the public to know. The movie’s idea is to say that the impossible is can be possible and that everyone has a hidden power inside them. The government is acting in a very ridiculous way. Why hide such info and hope from people?

However, ladies and gentlemen, the truth will be revealed. You have to go out there into the ends of the Earth and search for a meaning to questions that are still left unanswered. Maybe you can solve them and end the dilemma. People certainly have to take the subject very seriously because the things that are not taken seriously when they are supposed to, will come back and hunt everyone. So what if there is no race protecting us silently? Again you may not believe but I am no judge here. I am writing this to inform you that there are extraterrestrial races out there in large amounts (estimation about 500 million or more races in other galaxies including this one) but few have chosen to protect Planet Earth. The invasion of aliens will be very unlikely. Aliens do exist, but they are probably waiting for us to prepare ourselves for the Truth. My words are this to you: The impossible things have become possible throughout human history. So what about a meeting with an extraterrestrial race? sounds likely.