Will an Extraterrestrial Race ever Assume Control of the Earth

It is logical to assume that there is life on other plants somewhere in our infinite universe, but I am unsure of the possibility that an extraterrestrial life will ever try to assume control of earth. If we did evolve from an evolutionary cycle, whether based on current theory, or future theories, I am pretty sure that “intelligent life” is not quite as common as life. This is not to say that we are alone in the universe, because if this has happened on earth I am positive it has happened on quite a few of the billions upon billions of starts in the universe.
So since it is probable that there are millions of advanced civilizations throughout the infinite universe it could also be assumed that some of them have made it to where we are. We are a relatively advanced species, and have the ability to travel in space for a limited amount of time. Others may be at different stages that humans have gone through in our development, while others may have gone down completely different paths. Some may have discovered nuclear power and immediately ended life on their plant, while others may have used it for peaceful means. One thing I am positive about though is that they have had many of the same challenges that we have faced through out our history. Since all life has to compete in some way for survival, they may have many similar traits that we have. Their cultural ways may be quite different though, much as the Europeans were quite different from the Native Americans. If you look at this history, you can imagine the devastation earth would face if another race ever did try to control earth. The early European explores came as conquerors, rather than peacemakers.
If there is an extraterrestrial race that has gotten to a point of interplanetary travel, you would imagine that the distance between stars would be a barrier to exploration. Looking up into their night sky, they would probably be very picky about where to send their first explorers across the galaxy. They would weigh out the options of going to the closest star, or if they should explore one much further away but where they have been able to find one suitable to inhabit. Once these decisions have been made it may be hundreds of years before they actually arrived. Their first explorers very well may be picked up by later more technologically advance explores from their same planet, who have found a quicker way to get the final destination.
Another problem they would face is that if it takes them 1000 years to arrive to the planet they set out for, that planets intelligent life may have already gone extinct by the time they arrived. Now imagine if it took 10,000 years, or even 100,000 years. To them it may be much shorter, because time is relative, and they may live for thousands of earth years, but our civilization has only been around for just over 10,000 years, and who knows how much longer we will be here.
So assuming they can find a way to arrive here in a decent amount of time, while we are still here, and our planet is a desirable one for them to live on, I do hope that they raise their hand and make a V and say “we come in peace.”
One a side note, if human life does exist 1000 years from now, or even 2000 years from now I am sure that we will have had to begin to inhabit other planets in our solar system. 2000 years really is not that long, we still follow leaders from 2000 years ago, and read the books they wrote. Technology did not come to far for the first 10,000 years of modern civilization, but in the last 100 years it has grown exponentially. Even some of the best science fiction writers cannot imagine what life will be like more than a few hundred years in the future, but I am convinced that we will have to eventually colonize other planets. Hopefully we are the ones who say “we come in peace.”