What would the World be like with 2 Billion People

What would the world be like with 2 billion people? The very idea causes cold chills to run up and down my spine considering the current upheaval in both the economic and political arenas. The rise of global dominance is enough to send anyone into a panic who has suffered the less numbing of the very senses that make up their mortal beings. With the current recession and the overall meltdown of the global economy along with the war on terrorism it is a very real sobering and most frightening threat that man has ever faced since the beginning of creation. The thought of thermo nuclear exchange is so evident, if it were to come to that, it could very easily wipe out 2/3’s of the world’s population. Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been lost through war, poverty and natural catastrophes in recent years, not to mention the dreary effects of abortion of the unborn, have knocked a chunk out of humanity. If all of the chaos and turmoil would stop I believe it is all but too late to save mankind from fading off into the portals of history long forgotten. This article is not to be taken to foster fear, uncertainty, and the lost of trust in humanity at large; but, rather give my futile attempt to paint a scenario that could happen if drastic change does not take place. I’m not one who basis his overall outlook on doom and gloom, I think that on the contrary I’m very optimistic on the future of man. I respect my readers in every possible way and in the near future hope to gain their support of the very issues that I address that effect each and everyone us collectively as one body. If one realizes it or not we are all connected. G-D forbid that I should ever betray that connection.

If you have ever heard of “sustainable development” or the concept of it then perhaps maybe my ideas will give you more insight of those “elite few” who would very much like to gain the whole world as their “back” yard. This idea is also known as “Agenda 21”. In short the idea is to reduce the general population’s access and uses to public lands and natural wildlife reserves also known as “wetlands” to reduce the further development for human growth. Balance and harmony is the key to growth and productivity.

After obtaining certain figures to form some logical basis for this article I hope to show the overall devastating effects that reduced population will have on the ecology of planet earth. It has been estimated that the total land area of the earth is 148,429,000 sq km or convert that to sq miles it would be 57308757.290296696 Square Miles. The estimated total population of the world as of the date of this article, Wednesday, October 22, 2008, is about 6,731,812,461 (figures were taken from U.S. and World Population Clocks POPClocks and worldatlas.com). If you take the total population count: 6,731,812,461 and divide that by total sq miles: 57,308,757 it would equal to: 117. Another words for every 1 sq mile you would have 117 people to occupy that space.
If you dwarf the population down to 2 billion people It would look something like this: 2,000,000,000 (total population) divided by 57,308,757 (total land area) equals 34.8 or rounded off to 35 people per sq mile. Talk about a ghost town! One good thing about it is you would have plenty of elbow room!

It is important to understand the continued growth of human kind in terms of value he contributes to the world at large. Gold and silver not even crude oil is the real wealth of the world that enhances your life as well as the whole of humanity. These are only commodities that we trade among ourselves to have what we need to sustain our lives. Man depends on each other to provide something that he lacks as individuals and reinforces the idea that “no man is an island” in terms of acquiring the things he needs and wants. In reality man himself is the real wealth of the world based upon his knowledge in terms of his individual capabilities in conjunction with his creativity. Henry Ford who was said to have invented the automobile never made it past the third grade! He went on to introduce mass production utilizing the assembly line. The greatest achievements that man has ever accomplished came through creativity along with entrepreneurship and the determination to see it through without outside interference. Take away his creativity and you have destroyed civilization and plunged it into eternal darkness, and oh how dark that darkness is! The world as we know it would become nothing more than a barren wasteland even without the possibility of thermo nuclear exchange. Controlled depopulation I believe poses a greater threat than any other catastrophic event whether that is manmade or natural disasters.
If man is forced to continue to regress because of outside interference and is confined to the constraints of limited boundaries to his world he becomes nothing more than a caged animal. Man must not be allowed to end his advancement of modern civilization to conquer the vast unknown world that he now lives in. If man loses his dominion of his natural habitat to the despots that would control him for their own ill fated gain then it is very possible that the very idea of “planet of the apes” where by the apes refer to the controlling elite, then man has reached his end and has become an extinct species. Therefore he would be lost forever into the eternal abyss of darkness and G-D would be dead; evil having the final triumph and our world would become nothing more than a cesspool of the very despots, tyrants they are, that we wish to banish from our very sight.

It is unthinkable for the children of light, those who advance and enhance the world through their creativity, to ever give in to the children of darkness, the ruling class. Isn’t it true that light dispels the darkness, is not light greater than darkness, or rather knowledge than to rule over a people for the sheer pleasure that feeds their very ego?

It is without question that the world’s population continues to grow and advance in knowledge and discoveries to further develop the technologies already in his hands. New discoveries can only be found when he has exhausted all development of what he currently has achieved. There is so much more on this subject that it is almost impossible to accurately describe the horror one might find if only he would take off his rose colored glasses.

The world without human advancement and increase in numbers would only give rise to total deprivation and starvation of the very elite that seek to bring it under their control. This idea is good in one respect of “counter attack” if you truly want to rid the world and fill the cesspool with the despots of the ruling class who fuel themselves with their oppression of the ordinary people that make up society. The fools seek to control and destroy the very goose that laid him the golden egg. A fool and his riches is an idiot in his own ego. One lost soul could cost humanity hundreds of years of advancement and significant achievement.