Why Race is a Social Term rather than a Biological Reality

Race did not become a widely accepted social term until after the earliest scientists, regardless of physical disparity, who worked with each other discovered that all humans, no matter how physically they differed, had the same human and intellectual potential. There were no significant human differentials that were attributable to race, except for appearance.

Then it became known that Africans, Asians, and Indians could be better misused if they were classified as lower on the scale of living things than the European. Race became a social term because scientists were corruptible based on their individual dysfunctions, beliefs, or financial gains.

Race became a religious concept, because religions were corruptible as soon as the religious leaders realized that their flocks could bypass the laws of God in killing people and taking their lands and their riches. Such evil would be possible if those humans could be defined in biblical terms as the enemy of God’s favorite people, or as less beloved or acceptable to God.

Governments then used the corrupted religious and scientific determinations to construct formalized and codified coercive algorithms that benefited European appearance and culture at the expense of all others who were not European in appearance or culture. Simply put, greed, technology, and the power to kill and dominate less powerful peoples drove all aspects of the very concept and definition of race to evolve into the concepts that are still being pushed today.

After a few centuries, depending on the virulence and ingrained stubbornness of the institutionalized religious, scientific, and other secular corruptions of biological understanding, self fulfilling prophecy is now based on continued denial of opportunity based on racial classifications and justifications.

As people of color are subjected to poverty, they do not progress well in life. Their countries are subjected to incessant international attempts to interfere with and destabilize their governments. The powerful take their resources, then instead paying so that life can improve, they bring in others to take over their economies. Oppressed people turn out to have physical, educational, emotional, and developmental issues with integrating into and with other cultures.

The snowballing effect of racial corruption at all levels and in all functional elements of a society serve to create a class of people who can then be pointed at and jeered at for their behavior, actions, and lifestyles, based on their appearance. Racial constructs dominate life wherever diversity exists, and wherever someone has the darkest skin.

Where nations have used draconian measures in refusing to allow or tolerate European or Middle Eastern intrusion and dominance, the best, regardless of physical appearance, are allowed to go very far in advancing their nation’s wealth, power, intellectual, cultural and strategic development. China and North Korea are excellent examples, and the threat that those countries are perceived as posing are as much based on physical appearance and corruptions of race, as on any other factor, including military power, politics, or culture.