The Social Dynamics of Multiracial or Mixed Race

There are no uniform social dynamics for people who are labeled as “multi racial” or of “mixed race”, because there has been no uniform social environment in which such people were born. Throughout history, as one group dominated another, women were taken in, raped or forced into some form of sanctioned or unsanctioned sexual relationship, and children were born with the characteristic of both parents.

The Romans were spectacular conquerors and takers of women from all over the known world of their times. Europeans were so sexually active, and on such a global scale that there is no continent that does not have some European ancestry somewhere in the population. And there is no European country that does not have citizens of color somewhere, including Scandinavia, which has had Black citizens since the slave era.

The American slave heritage was so sexually out of control that many White Americans today do not realize that they have African ancestry, while all African Americans who are the descendants of American slaves are perfectly aware of their European and Native American ancestry.

But what is making such a social histrionic disorder about mixed heritage today? Dysfunctional parents and racist communities. The children of dysfunctional parents have far more emotional and social disorders related to their mixed status than any other mixed ethnicity children. The parents, particularly the mother, forms the child’s values, perceptions, roles and image in society in most cases. When there is an expectation or demand for some special category, social level, or social standing that is ingrained in the child through the parent’s self image, reality serves to demonstrate that appearance is not enough to earn that standing.

As a result the “half” issue comes up, even though an African American is likely to have as much European and Native American ancestry as African ancestry. Being able to claim a “half” status is the expectation of individuals who are brought up to make an issue of their self elevating role playing. In reality, there are many children who have both parents who are classified as “African American”, who are lighter of skin and straighter of hair than some so called “half” African American children.

The “mixed race” controversy is a continuation of the world’s tendency toward racist cultures, period. Race, itself, is a function of corrupted scientific, religious, and governmental processes, and does not exist, beyond classifying people based on their skin color, type of hair and shape of eye.

During the European occupation of just about any country, the natives who had some European blood were officially elevated to a higher political and social class, with more opportunity than their darker skinned or less European peers had. The Apartheid government in South Africa had a well developed system for doling out status based on how little African blood a person had. The American slave heritage had racial classifications that went to the 64th degree in some cases, which is almost impossible to verify.

Thousands of Americans who were able to “pass” for European managed to thrive in the post Civil War era in and out of the slave states, leading to a population of Americans who have African ancestry and who may not even know it. But today, a whole generation of children has made great progress toward improved acceptance and tolerance, and only the more racially dysfunctional communities and families demonstrate problems with, or excitement about “race” mixing.