Importance of Instrument Calibration

In any kind of manufacturing industry, the instrument calibration plays a very important role and it occupies a very significant position. Whenever a product comes into existence, behind it there is a perfect flow calibration. Calibration is a set of operations, which under certain specific conditions establish relationships between values indicated by a measuring instrument.

The instrument calibration is the primary process used for the maintenance of accuracy of measurement. Although depending on the product, the calibration process may vary, but generally, the usage of instrument is involved for testing samples of one or more of known values, which are called the “calibrators”. The process is intended to teach the instrument to produce such accurate results and likewise the instrument calibration can produce accurate results when the samples of unfamiliar values are put to test in the product’s normal usage.

Instrument calibration is done from the designing stage of the product and is not just meant for a specific part of the whole manufacturing process. Calibration of instrument like tools should be done very carefully in order to reduce wastage.  The following may be considered to be the need for the instrument calibration. They are explained as under:

• Continuous flow of work:

One very important use of the instrument calibrations is to ensure the maintenance of a continuous flow of work. The instruments are generally tested and are only then certified for the purpose of proper functionality and thus any person using the instruments for flow calibration need not worry about the fear that the project might come to a halt midway. Thus, the instruments calibrations are excessively necessary in maintaining a constant workflow, and without these instruments, it would be next to impossible to run manufacturing machinery or a plant and that too with the expectations of profits.

• The main objective of the instruments calibration is the calibration of instruments meant for manufacturing

It ensures proper functionality of the instruments. Usually, it is done in a plant meant for manufacturing process and this forms a part of the regular maintenance drill. Different instruments used in the manufacture of a product include oscilloscopes, calipers, which has standard points that generally are used as points of reference. All other different instruments used would depend on the above-mentioned standard points. The process should be conducted with greatest care and as minutely as possible because even a fractional deviation would lead to the failure of the end product. The instrument calibration keeps the points from deviation through series of tests for hours. Thus, the importance of instruments calibrators cannot be overemphasized.

• Being legally mandatory for any kind of manufacturing unit:

Yes, instrument calibration is a legal must for manufacturing plant. It becomes very important in receiving certification from authorities like the ISO certification. Thus, any person involved in running a plant that produces consumer goods such as cars, instrument calibration is a necessity; otherwise, he may land up in complicated legal issues. Thus, for manufacturing quality products, an instrument calibration is important.