Where Ufos come from

UFOs are simply Unidentified Flying Objects. They are phenomena as strange to us as perhaps ball lightning or thunder claps were to peoples eons ago. Man needs to fear. It helps him remain alert, to develop his mind and to feel alive. UFO sightings tend to rise when countries are at peace – an odd thing perhaps but could it be that a mind without actual fear or unknown danger creates for itself shapes, symbols and mysterious lights in the sky? When there is no clear and present danger on Earth, where do you look?

In the Cold War people ‘saw’ spies. Children played cloak and dagger games, television series involving spies were popular because everyone wondered who was spying on who. The same was true of the Mc Carthy era, with everyone potential Communist and the period n the 1980s when the KGB were killing diplomats with umbrellas dipped in poison and, it seemed, few aliens visited our skies.

During actual wars like the Great war of 1914-18 and the Second World War of 1939-45 few UFOs came to our skies and people occupied their minds with sightings of Nazi spies, braving air raids, watching for invaders and generally keeping themselves and their families safe. Fear was here on Earth and no one looked to the skies beyond for danger or adventure.

Now, there is little to fear apart from terrorism and most people actually perceive that threat as obscure to them unless they live in big cities (and you can bet few UFOs are visiting our larger cities at the moment) , so where does the danger, and excitement come from? Where could a threat be lurking or even a potentially civilisation changing event? Of course, that huge sky, the endless stretch of space. Surely there must be beings out there who will one day visit us or who have already come here? Given time and a good imagination you can gaze out into the deepest, darkest areas of the sky and really feel there must be other planets with salient beings.

Sadly, if aliens existed with technology to visit us, surely they would have done so? They to would want to find out about this other world, this new civilization – they would want to go where no alien has gone before? WHether they would come inpeace or to harvest and conquer, there is the threat possibly and there is where the imagination can go wild.

That UFOs have been sighted is not in doubt but it is the explanations which need to be given with control and care not to endow a mere unexplained object or phenomena with ‘lemon heads’, ‘greys’ or other alien beings. Officials need to take sighting seriously and, instead of denying them, seek ways to explain, perhaps understand the phenomena either of the unoccupied mind or the sightings themselves. Giving vague and blurred explanations or denying any military personnel actually saw anything worthy of note such as that of the 190 sighting in the UK only feeds the imagination of those who believe UFOs are caused by little green men.

UFOs exist- it is what they are that needs investigation and clarity.