Ufos the Phoenix Lights – Fact

UFOs the Phoenix Lights


The morning of March 13, 1997 started like any other beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun. By that evening, an amazing sighting marked the date in history. The Phoenix Lights experience involved a series of events that took place over the states of Nevada and Arizona. These reports included UFO sightings by hundreds of thousands of witnesses. The focus of these incidents was the appearance of a cluster of lights around 10:00 p.m.

Jeff Willes, amateur UFOlogist, caught some spectacular pictures of the daylight sightings of the objects. He videotaped their spectacular return when numerous crafts floated directly over him in the night sky. Willes has lived in the Phoenix area for 22 years and saw his first UFO when he was 10 years old. Since that time, he has been seeking the truth behind sightings.

Willes is convinced the Phoenix Lights were not flares, as some suggested. He admitted during his long hours of sky watching that he does often see flares and a variety of other things like balloons and helicopters. However, he insists those brilliant lights that floated above the mountains in the March 13th sighting, did not behave like the flares the military suggested were the culprits. From his years of experience in observing the behavior of UFOs, he feels it was numerous separate ships on some special mission. View some UFO photos his website http://ufosoverphoenix.com/.

We apparently have multiple sightings that day/night including a triangle shaped object seen prior to sunset and the other objects after dark until 10 p.m. that night. It was reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Dan Aykroyd used some of the UFO footage over Phoenix shot by Willes on his DVD, Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs. Dan Aykroyd had something wake him up in the middle of the night in the 1980s. It encouraged him to go outside and look up in the sky. His wife said he was imagining things and should go back to bed. The following morning Aykroyd discovered that thousands of people along the East Coast saw strange lights in the sky in the middle of the night and he became very interested in UFOs.

David Sereda, director of Aykroyd’s DVD, contacted Willes to obtain his dramatic Phoenix Lights footage to feature in the show. Sereda told me that many times when he’s speaking at a UFO conference, members of NASA and other high-level government entities are in attendance. Could they be trying to learn more about potential aliens? In 1968 at the age of 7 years old, Sereda witnesses his first UFO sighting with others in his neighborhood and it’s an event he cannot forget.

Aykroyd, former SNL star, is laying it on the line with his incredible beliefs, backed by some astounding evidence. In fact, his work has received so much attention, that the actual Men In Black paid him a visit just prior to the shut-down of his sci-fi channel late night interactive talk show, Out There, based on unexplainable phenomena.

Aykroyd is dedicated to studying the paranormal world along with UFOs and he says, “There are no projectiles being used, no weapons of mass destruction against humanity. So it appears they come in peace.” He also says he’d go with aliens if contacted, “As long as it’s not to be probed or be an implantee.”

Today, the biggest challenge for Willes is capturing good video footage of UFOs. The most rewarding part of his work is when others request footage for news broadcasts. Willes indicates he’s had several encounters over the years.

What does Willes advise? “Keep a video camera with you at all times . . . and keep your eyes to the sky.”

See the lights for yourself at: http://www.thephoenixlights.net/

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