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The Lessons we can learn from the Extraterrestrials

Needless to say, travels, people we meet, and the experiences one has change the way an individual feels and thinks about a lot of things. This along with the fact many people are having close encounters and learning from other life forms, all dramatically change our perception of the world and everything around us.

On a personal level, it has opened up my intuition so that I can understand more of the complexities of life. I have learned how to find an answer from within ,when I have a need.

One particular area that changes a persons perspective is Sedona Arizona.There are many reasons to visit Sedona, the many forces in Sedona have a way of opening the channels in our psychic so we are able to channel information from the “other side”. As a result of visiting Sedona and also other areas, I have been able to recall about 30 or more lifetimes, in all parts of the world and many different time periods.

I have envisioned lifetimes as varied as being an Inca High Priest, Indian Chief, medicine man, aborigine, and catholic priest. I lived in colonial times,and at a time when witches were hung. I have been an English Army General, Emperor of Japan, a Druid and I was a Christian hiding in the catacombs of Rome. In one of my more infamous lives, I assisted in killing Caesar. Some of the more inconsequential and less glamorous lifetimes we won’t go into at this time, but myself, as well as everyone else have those as well. We must experience life in all situations to fully understand our time here on earth.

In those lifetimes I have found many of the same people that I know today, a couple I have been married to, some many times, some I’ve had conflicts with , there are four or five that we have exchanged parent/child relationships many times. One we were married in one life time ,lovers in another, the list goes on and on. We definitely do come back many, many times to try to work our past conflicts with other people and join with some to fulfill a particular mission,as well as to just enjoy life.

I am not unique in this respect, we all have lived many times and played various roles while doing so. I think the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to agree with everyone, just realize everyone sees a different truth, a different reality, no two people experience things in exactly the same way. It doesn’t really matter if anyone agrees with you or not. The things I’ve seen and felt are my reality and I believe it. What someone else has felt or seen is their reality and that in no way affects me, unless I want it too.

We have to learn to rise above Karma, Karma is nothing but guilt. That guilt is the driving force behind reincarnation. We feel a need to come back and “do it right”,so one keeps trying until the mission is accomplished. We judge ourselves, no one else can, when we no longer judge ourselves, or when we feel we have settled the score, we are no longer attracted to the things that annoy us. and it is then we can move on to bigger and better projects.
I think that is what the ET’s,( who are only extensions of ourselves from another time period), are trying to teach us, we are all one. there is only one. we are all part of that Supreme soul.

Whatever any individual soul experiences, we all experience. whatever I experience everything in the universe experiences, Lets face it if the aliens were going to destroy us, they would have done it long ago. They are here to help us, all we have to do is ask, they are family. They say that one of the more most important things we have to do is remove any fear that one might have.
Remember no one can hurt you, you cannot die, you will always be, no one can take you. Every material possession you have, you will some day loose. Nothing is permanent, except change.

Some day, some time, you will loose everything that you have. Except what your soul learns on a spiritual level,that you can never loose. Worldly possessions are fine, and there is nothing wrong with having stuff, but your spiritual possessions are priceless. (Even more so than MasterCard.)Value them, remember who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where you are going. As Richard Back points out in his book, ONE, you have given your life to become what your are, was it worth it?