Understanding Personality Traits

Can love and ego both operate independently and together helping each other and being real and doing their own thing? What is ego and what is love?

Ego is no more than a vehicle for love for love to serve your own self. When you don’t love yourself you are not using the ego as it’s meant to be used.

The ego is a part of your soul and is not attached at all to the body or mind.

It is part of your personality which also is a part of your soul.

Love is not a thing, but is more a conglomerate of adjoining facets of itself. Love just is love. The ego exists inside of love as does all things. The ego has the freedom to block love, but it never knows that it was love that created it in the first place.

Personality is the unique slant of the creation of your unique soul. Each soul is different and each personality is uniquely different. Sure they can be loosely categorised into similar types, but when it boils down to the true description of a person, no personality can be finally described as each is still being defined and created by you, soul.

The personality is the way you as soul create. Each soul creates in a different way. Some souls create favouring physicality for now, others favour emotional creations, and still others mental creative constructs, but the greater the soul develops all his creativity is influenced by a greater level of love. God’s personality then is only of love, and as we approach God we redefine our own personality and start chipping off and refining the rougher bits that have served as to now, but now will be replaced by the loving personality which is from God. But our unique personality from creation still remains, and so we will usually speak and act in a certain preferential way, but which is still really influenced and acting with total love.

Most of us still hide our real self behind the mask of our personality which our ego is wearing. So begin to take your personality back and fill it with your real self and be yourself and play again the game of your own life, instead of your ego’s own games.

The ego wears the personality as a mask when it wants to control and run the lower bodies. It needs to realise it is just a part of the whole soul, and it’s role is to allow all experiences to come through it to test them for different aspects of positivity and negativity and so the ego plays a balancing role to soul. If itself becomes unbalanced in its role and thinks that its role is the sole role of soul, it needs to be put back in its place and the personality mask removed from it and so the real soul can shine out again through its natural personality utilising ego to monitor its experiences once again.

Our personality is usually based on habit until we understand it and live on purpose and so our soul becomes part of our personality in which is a window then to our soul. The personality before this is one based on habits picked up from the environment you were born into and also the people in it. The personality so acquired tends to act for you and connects more to your ego than soul, and influences you to not be the real you, but the accumulation of past influences. When you look at this and realise what has happened and allow the soul to step into the picture in place of ego, the new personality will emerge out of soul and you will become a new person and be born again.

This is what this essentially means. You will then live from soul in your new personality, which is then a window that soul looks through, instead of a window that the ego looks out of. The difference is huge in that the personality then becomes a true personality of you and that you were created with as soul originally. All souls are basically created equal so to speak, but they get to choose the type of personality they will wear and once chosen that will be carried with them as soul for eternity.

This personality can then be enhanced and aspects brought forth from it that will characterise and flavour and be that person individually stamped and individually created by their very personality differences, and experiences, and the unique influences on them from their own wisdom gained from their own soul as it reflects the beauty of the whole creation and the beaming of a perfect personality as they all are when worn by soul.