The Role of the Ego in Human Problems

Your subconscious mind is not your soul, but it can be utilised by the real you, soul. The programming can assist soul, or it can infect the ego so that the ego only finds problems by following blindly the subconscious programming. Why does the ego do this, usually because most of this programming has originated from the ego anyway.

Is it only the ego that has problems then? Is one’s subconscious programming a problem, or does it only become a problem if this programming is followed blindly by the ego? Does soul itself follow any subconscious programming, or is it always fully conscious? Is the subconscious then only a tool which either the ego or the soul can use, but the ego can turn it into a problem while the soul will utilise it to achieve greater things? Where does the truth lie here between these two ideas?

The truth is of course just the truth, and the truth itself has no problems. The ego can have problems when it operates from itself and thinks that it is truth. The soul can have some problems as it reaches up towards truth, but in truth the soul’s problems are not problems so much as stepping stones and learning curves. Everything is just experience for it.

The ego defines an experience as a problem when it wants the experience to be different, or if it wants to control the experience, or if it can’t accept the experience that the soul requires it to keep learning from. So as I have said all problems reside in the ego, because it’s the ego that calls it or defines it as a problem. To soul there are no problems, only learning experiences. And to love there are no problems, only love and to truth there are no problems as truth is always only truth.

It’s always only the ego that can’t see this truth and creates a problem out of it. So whenever you have a problem realise it’s always going to go back to your ego, because your ego has created it.

And why does the ego create problems you might ask? Good question!

The ego has been set up to create problems or to perceive situations as problems solely for it also to learn in the end to allow soul to have every experience that it requires. The ego serves in the end, because its problems have allowed a certain breaking down of truth into its many parts that allows soul then to learn for itself that truth can actually come in many different disguises, and that even it doesn’t have the whole truth, but must keep learning and testing truth by the help of the ego.

In the end even the ego’s problems are not really problems either, but are actually serving soul and life to grow both of them together in truth and in love. And all along the ego is helping soul to do this, but it only thinks of its problems, because that’s its way in the end of helping soul by testing soul. While the ego sees only problems, the soul learns solutions to lead it to a greater truth. And so in the end a problem is only ever a wrong perception or view of a learning experience. It is actually never a real problem at all.

You need to grow away from the idea that you cannot change, and that you are damaged goods. The subconscious programming is strong and colours your life, but you can recognise it and deprogram yourself. You are not damaged goods. You work perfectly and are just playing programs that you need to grow away from and replace. When you read or become aware of new programs you should try to not let the old program push it out. Try and let the new program run and test it and then let the old program run less often.

Problems remain problems because you keep running the same old thinking patterns and following the same old habits. Change only comes about from change. Change your habit of seeing a problem in a problem, and embrace a new way of looking at life as learning lessons of love from only love. When you realise that everything only ever originates from love, how can you ever see it as still being a problem anymore.

Live, as you have never lived before means to follow new programs of thought, and to increase in your awareness, and to be guided by love rather than fear. Live as the real you as soul, allow your ego to assist you but not to run you and try to follow only the subconscious programming that helps you to grow ever more in wisdom and knowledge of the different ways truth operates and works.

This testing of the way truth works is what brings you wisdom in no other way. The set up of God’s world is perfectly set up, and all parts always serve us if we can step back and allow the part to do its job and not to allow any part alone to try to run the whole. The answer as always then is balance and walking the middle path.

Love is part of your soul and of you. You are two parts, the inner is your soul and the outer is your ego surrounded by its outer bodies. The ego is part of soul, but it forgets this when it goes into a body and which puts a barrier of flesh and emotions and thoughts around it and which tends to remove it from a direct access to itself or its soul. The ego hears all of its other voices first and it hears soul only distantly calling to it. The ego is the one that soul tries to bring back in line so that it too can achieve its full opportunity to grow from these outer experiences of its sentry, called ego in these lower worlds.

Life works in a way that always works. What you try to avoid or to run away from will actually run towards you. You will only run into what you are trying to run away from. Not only that, it will actually chase after you until it catches you. Those things that you try to avoid or to bypass or to run away from are actually the very things that are then perceived by you as being your problems.

What you run from runs you then. Your problems run your life, and you run away from your problems. It’s all only in the attitude and perception of a problem that is ever being a problem. Look from the eyes of your soul, and stop seeing problems, and only ever see opportunities being given to you to learn from and given to you for you to gain a greater understanding of how love works in your life and in the whole of life.

When you only ever just have a deep gratitude and love for all life, your problems will then all just disappear into the love that created them in the first place. Problems are only created as learning life lessons or experiences for you to learn and to grow from, and for you to better understand yourself in it all to now have the awareness to know that it’s all only ever being a part of this love within this love. Nothing ever leaves love, and love is within all things.