Human Behavior the Reasons we Make Decisions both Good and Bad

Good Decisions, bad decisions. How do I make responsible decisions?

Decision making is a factor in responsible living because the decision you make leads you to new responsibilities based from that decision. How do you make decisions? Well you could do what I do, I look at 3 factors.

1/ Will it hurt anyone?,
2/ Will it benefit anyone including myself? and
3/ Will the decision help me to grow and move forward in life?

When you consider these factors most decisions will pan down to the third factor. So how do you decide what is of a benefit to your growth in life? You only really know after you have grown, so you have to try things first, but at some level you always know if the decision has overall positive vibes for you. For example smoking a cigarette, could be seen as a bad decision for someone. It could hurt the smoker, it could hurt others in the environment, and it could inhibit your growth as you become addicted to it. But ultimately the decision to smoke comes down to in which areas you as soul need to grow. In life, generally sometimes something perceived as negative has a sort of benefit to the individual involved. Smoking has allowed the world to feel the importance of their bodies to life and the effect of their habits on other bodies and also it is allowing the human race to grow past this addiction through higher levels of love and eventually smoking will be dropped all together from human endeavour. After all it’s only really a relatively recent addition in mankinds history which will burn it self out given time. So a decision is a decision at first, and then can become a habit or obsession later. Better ensure every decision is really the right one at the start, and continue to monitor your decisions in light of their correctness for your overall developing soul, my friends.

Decisions and decision making are choices between choices and it all boils down to the choice that ultimately enhances your growth and increases your attachment to divine love. Let love be your guide, and secondly balance, then third awareness. Allow your life to show it self to you and lead you on. Finally be you in every decision and you will always know what to do. For in truth it is ever only really the false ego self that doesn’t know what to do and then worries about not knowing what to do. The Real you, you always know and that’s the deciding test, my friends.

So finally, then how can we tell if a decision will be good or bad. There is one final telltale sign that comes out from yourself to let you know your decision is correct for you. The world might describe it as good or bad but it is correct for you.

Truth is always good, so base your decisions always on the highest truth you know. How then can you recognise a good decision from your own highest truth? Sit into the love of the decision by allowing your heart to give it the final yay or nay. And how to do this? The heart will always beat a little faster if the decision is right for you, and your mind will always start to think faster if the decision is wrong for you. The mind races to a bad decision but the heart runs faster to show its enthusiasm and support. Follow the love and the decision will be a loving one based on your own love and truth of who you are, and in this way the decision can never be wrong for you even if it appears wrong for others or the world. Follow your heart and decide your life always by the love in it and the truth it will and wants to follow.