Human Behavior the Reasons we Make Decisions both Good and Bad

As humans we tend to allow our emotions to  rule our behavior and influence our decisions, both good and bad. Our emotions tend to leave us in a quagmire at times and may lead us into poor decision making.  We may make hasty decisions based upon our emotional state.  The reasons why we make these decisions, may depend upon how we are feeling.

A happy person may tend to be more optimistic about the future  and less likely to indulge in risky behavior such as gambling. The decisions we make, often affect the people we love and who love us. However, we are all at risk of making poor decisions. By harnessing our emotions and paying close attention to the factual evidence , we are more likely to make good sound decisions.

Our emotions play a crucial role in our behaviors and decision making. Therefore we must never make hasty decisions, based purely on our emotions.Our emotions run the gamut from sadness to happiness and from joy to sorrow.

Studies have shown, people who are depressed may make decisions to overspend or over indulge. Our emotional highs and lows can greatly affect the decisions we make. Looking at the situations, we find ourselves in, requires objectivity and discounting our emotional bias. I will be the first to admit, this is difficult.  None the less, contemplating a good decision is well worth the consideration it takes, for yourself and others as well.

Every decision should be made with a calm , assured demeanor.  Please keep in mind to do your best and don’t berate yourself if the decision turns out to be a poor one. We are destined to make poor decisions and on occasion, we may have the opportunity to correct them or make amends. Remember it is not over, until the fat lady sings. This is a metaphor meaning to wait until the end or wait and see how it pans out.

In the midst of an argument, it is never a good idea to rant and rave and then pack your bags. It is obvious, you are caught up in that moment of rage.  Days, maybe even hours later, you may see the error of your ways. So let’s not make hasty decisions. Take your time and consider the outcomes. This strategy, will be most helpful in making  good decisions.

Last, but not least, investigate and base your decisions on tangible evidence, not something you may have imagined to be true. Thoughtful decision making is an art. Don’t worry we all can achieve this skill. Just look, both ways before you cross. That was a helpful anecdote years ago as well as today.