Human Behavior the Reasons we Make Decisions both Good and Bad

Firstly, the reason for making any decision is the idea that it will be beneficial to make a decision. For example, even when suicide occurs the person who makes the poor decision to end their life perceives their decision as beneficial. They feel it will end their current misery and they therefore will make life better. What they may not be considering is the effects on their family, friends, and the world around them. They end their life and with the goal of life being survival, this is the worst decision possible.

All poor decisions are made with the intention that good will come out of it. People simply don’t make decisions to cause something bad to happen. Even with the worst decisions imaginable the goal of the decision is always what is perceived by the person making the decision as good.

Good decisions are obviously made for the intent of all well being. But the difference between good and bad decisions are that good decisions have the intent of bettering the life or furthering promoting the life of oneself and of all others.

Bad decisions are decisions made for the intent of furthering only oneself or for only that of a small group of people at the cost of destroying the value of life or totally killing others.

These are just general vacuum definitions of good and bad decisions. The questions that need to be asked is, what makes people go through with these decisions and what would be considered valuable examples?

For the purpose of this article, alcohol will be used as an example. Alcohol can be a good social drink as it can be a bad social drink and therefore it can be good to consume it or even bad to consume it. The decision would be good when at a holiday party with family and friends. A social drink can be very beneficial as it loosens shy people up and makes for better conversations. Alcohol makes people happy when drank appropriately at holiday parties and not over consumed. This benefits not only yourself, but those around you. The purpose of drinking was to make you feel good and made others feel good as well. This is a good decision that was made for decent reasoning.

However, drinking to subdue unhappiness and drinking to the point of black out is a decision made with similar intentions. A person drinks because they want to become happy when in truth they are sad. They may go to a party to be around people and every one there gets completely smashed face and there is no designated driver. Bad things happen. Perhaps a husband returns from a party and abuses their kids and wife. Though the goal was to become happy, the result could become disastrous for both yourself and those you love.

To recap the reason people make any decision is to make themselves better off. Many examples can be discussed but it is important to consider the consequences of decisions. When someone has a goal in mind and the goal is not met and the result is more damage, sadness, and disparagement on yourself and others, the decision is bad. The reason the decision was made was selfish intentions without considering the effects on those around you. When the decision was good, you and those around you were benefited.