Plant Profiles Red Campion

The Red Campion is a flowering plant that is native to Europe. The flowers of this plant are dark pink to red. They do not have a scent but they are really attractive and bright. You can see the flower growing wild along woodlands, roadsides and rocky slopes.  It thrives in non-acidic and moist soils. The Red Campion produces a lot of nectar and attracts bees, butterflies and moths. The seeds of this plant have been used in herbal medicine to treat snakebites. The flowers bloom from May through June. They have five petals that open during the day and close at nightime. This plant has seeds that are black and kidney shaped.  The male flower grows on one stem and the female flowers grow on another stem.

The White Campion can usually be found growing near the red ones. You can find the red ones growing all throughout Northern Ireland. They have a creeping root stock and they are usually the first flowers to bloom in the month of May. The flowers are pollinated by bees and hoverflies. The leaves of the plant are hairy. Sometimes the Red Campion is called the Cuckoo-flower. The roots of the plant have been used to make a soap for washing clothes. The soap is made by simmering the root in hot water. This flower is quite easy to grow and can self seed well. These flowers grow in the same habitats as the bluebells, foxgloves and ivy.

The plants that have the paler pink flowers are hybrids and have crossed with the White Campions. These flowers are plentiful in the British Isles. This flower has been introduced to eastern North America. It is an attractive medium to tall flower. They only live for a short period of time. They can be easily grown from the seed anytime of the year. They can be used for decorative and ornamental purposes. They also attract hummingbiords because of their bright color. They make an excellent addition to many gardens and can be used for landscaping, especially around ponds. They will thrive in fertile soil. The seeds can be ordered online or can be purchased at garden centers. The female plantys are the ones known to produce thousands of seeds each season. These flowers are just perfect for a butterfly garden. When picked fresh they will definitely add life to any bouquet or arrangement.