How to Achieve a Higher Level of self Confidence

The key to raising the level of your self-confidence is to change your perspective. Every day we see people that appear to have their lives so much more together then we do; they are better looking, thinner, make more money, have less debt, nicer things, more friends etc. In general it seems everyone is better off then we are. Why, I ask myself,  can’t I look like Angelina Jolie, keep house and cook like Martha Stewart or have a large house with a beautiful garden. Why don’t I have a great job and perfect husband. Why am I a failure?

If I’m a failure perhaps I am in good company, after all Martha Stewart doesn’t look like Angelina and she also doesn’t have a husband. For all I know, Angelina might be a terrible cook. The trouble is we tend to compare ourselves to everyone else’s A game. When looking at individual people its easier to see the beauty marks and overlook the warts. I mourn for the body I once had when I notice what a cute figure my boss has but I know her personal life is a shambles. I have a friend that makes almost twice the salary that I do but she is a slave to her job. I want the money but I don’t want to work that hard.

The point is everyone’s life has good parts and bad parts and those of us with low self-esteem only notice the perfect parts in the lives of others and the disappointing parts of our own. We need to flip that around

Start really taking a long hard look at the people you see and listen to what they say. You say you hate your nose, spend a day looking at noses you come across in the course of your day. How many prize winning honkers do you see? You don’t like the way your life has turned out, look around, whose life would you want to trade for? Remember you can’t cherry pick, if you covet there house you have to take the sick child or the thinning hair of its owner.

I am not saying you shouldn’t try improving your life, as a matter of fact; even small changes can boost your self confidence. The important thing is to take it in baby steps. Do things that make you feel better about yourself and stop taking bits and pieces from everyone around you and using them to create a perfect person to compare yourself to. For all you know someone may think you have the perfect life and wonder how you managed to pull it all together.