Plant Profiles Ragged Robin

The Ragged Robin is a species of plant that is native to Europe. It can be found growing wild along roadsides, meadows and pastures. Modern farming and the draining of wetlands are causing the populations of this flower to decline. The flowering plant is called the Ragged Robin because their flowers have a ragged appearance. You would not like to touch the plant by the stem because they have barbed hairs that will prick you. These attractive flowers have become naturalized in the United States. The flowers are a reddish or white color. The flowers are in bloom from May until late August.

The Ragged Robin also has another name and that is the Cuckooflower. There are two types of garden varieties. They really make a very attractive garden. These flowers are a member of the carnation family. These flowers can be found growing as far as Iceland. Moths and hoverflies feed off this flower. Many people prefer to grow the Ragged Robin in their wildlife gardens. They thrive in sun or partial shade. They like to grow in moist or damp soil. Plants can be purchased at a variety of nurseries. They are wildflowers and they self seed very well. When the flower stems are cut down it never harms the plant.

In folklore, this flower has often been called the thunder flower. People believed that when men carried this flower in their pocket that it will bring much success in love. The flower also stands for a symbol of wit. Folklore for this flower began over three centuries ago. The flower has attracted quite a few nature photographers. In some parts of the world, this flower is becoming quite rare. These attractive flowers are often cultivated and used for ornamental purposes. They can grow to about two feet high. They will make a lovely and attractive fresh floral arrangement. The leaves of this plant are narrow and light green.

This flower makes a really attractive flower border, especially around a pond. It likes to grow in slightly acidic soil. These lovely flowers provide an excellent nectar source to a variety of wildlife. Streamside plantings are beautiful as well. The seeds can be sown anytime. They can be grown in containers, but only one plug per container. The plants should be spaced at least 12 inches in a garden. Cutting back and transplanting is not needed for the Ragged Robin.