Fearing Death

Death is a phenomenon of life itself, a part of life that comes to us all. All life goes through its own form of death. Why is it that life then fears its own demise or its death? To understand this question properly, we need to know exactly what is death itself?

What is death and why is it a necessary part of life for seemingly all life? How can life deal with its death? Are we the only life form that tries to deal with and to come to terms with our death and with death in general?

When you work with the fullness of love in your heart you find that all of these things are being done as a part of God’s overall perfection of himself. It is all a part of balance and bringing balance to life from its death.

Death is a going into another realm of the positionary experience of each soul. Life and death are roles of your soul. Life is a taking of a physical matter body and attaching it to soul in a way that the experiences of the body have an affect on soul directly in no other way possible than by doing this. When death occurs this effect is disrupted as life extinguishes and the body returns to be matter only once more again. Death is a silencing of the voice of life that soul has given to a body.

Life comes from soul’s energy of love. Life is only taking place because of the animation of matter by soul’s energy of love.

Death is simply the withdrawal of this energy by soul so that it can again move to another sphere of action and end cycle on a certain set of experiences of itself as this physical body. Death then is a resurrection of the energy returning to soul and soul leaves intact from the body containing the energy of the departed body which holds the memory vibrations of all of the physical, mental, emotional and even intuitional bodies memories.

All these bodies dissolve within time from their convoluted dispositionary accumulation of cells of matter that have coalesced together from the direction of the soul to bring into being the right vehicle for a certain time period for this particular soul. Soul controls the life and death of the body and comes and goes as it wishes. Never then worry about life or death because it is largely or entirely really out of your hands in and as your mind the thinking part of your body.

The mind also dissolves back into the soul upon death taking too its every thought and memory and all are retained forever within the soul that has experienced these things. Each soul’s accumulated experiences also return to the master soul or to God if this individual soul allows this to happen. Cooperating with God in this way brings an enlightenment to soul and as it remains itself it also is allowed now to function as the complete God within itself as well.

Each soul then is the whole of God focussed or directed holographically through itself. God created myriad infinities of himself to experience infinitely himself as himself but not as himself forever in new ways freely while not being free as he wishes to be. All works together and apart at the same time and fullness of God is achieved from the emptiness of soul becoming full of God once more again.

And so why are we afraid of death?

Fear of death arises from a fear that is created from having a physical body. The fear is inbuilt as a survival mechanism and establishes a cautionary response in the organism to its surroundings. A flesh body is not permanent and can be damaged and life allows for death to allow the body to be renewed the next time around.

Why does any fear have to exist? What is its purpose and why is death such a big fear?

In the very beginning of created soul, soul was given its freedom. This freedom initially brought fear to the soul. The soul fears its own freedom as much as it fears anything else. After this, it fears death which is only the perceived taking away of its freedom. Of course its freedom is never really taken away again or even restricted in any way after creation, but the soul forgets this as it feels death, and sees death all around it in its physical body.

Fear is a creation of soul, fledgling soul simply because it is empty of love. Fear is the absence of love. The created soul has an absence of love and acts as a vacuum towards God’s love which always flows into it until soul hangs onto its fears and tries to retain them. Only soul’s own fears ever block God’s love from reaching it. When soul has accumulated enough love it begins to operate from its own love, and when it has removed finally its last burst of fear it becomes virtually God once more again.

Separation is seen to be illusionary but real at the same time as soul now sees its position freely but also freely operates as itself within God’s greater body. There is never any fear available to you when you are operating as the God part that you are. Fear only ever arises from thinking that you are on your own, and doing it all alone, and that you will die and disappear at some final stage. Death never occurs to soul, and soul lives forever in God as a part of God.

Knowledge of this truth removes all fear from soul, and living this truth from love in your lower bodies removes the growth of other isolated fears in all of these bodies as well. Each created body can generate its own fears when allowed to do so by allowing them to run on their own without the connection to love coming from soul and from the heart of God. When we be only ourselves within God, balancing and operating all of our self from our soul, fear can not overtake the love being generated from our heart of love, which then remains also a part of God’s own heart of love.

Death is a form of love coming to you to embrace you and to wrap you within itself. Like a blanket death blacks out all of your current fears and problems and allows for a cautionary review of love to wash through the enigma of death which is an illusion of creation which in reality keeps only ever creating. Death is just another form of creation creating.