Fear of Dying and Death

Some people live life as if it were a gift, enjoying every moment of it to its fullest. Others live their lives carefully, trying to avoid every possible threat their paranoid mind can imagine. Some are afraid of death, and others like myself have no fear of death and accept it as part of life.

Fearful people are afraid of dying. Why? Some have no faith in the promise of eternal life, and spend their whole life worrying about this one ending. These type of people don’t believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins, or they don’t believe they can be saved. There are a million lies out there to convince you that this is it for you, so be afraid. Some people fear death because they feel they have lived a self-serving life and will be punished for it. Even the most confident person on the outside will have fear of death on the inside if he does not know Christ as his Savior. Some people fear death because they believe that heaven is full, and no one but one hundred forty four thousand get in. That is a lie from a misinterpretation of scripture in revelations. Others believe that they are unforgivable, while others have no belief of God and fear the unknown. If you choose not to accept the truth in the bible you will be fearful.

Joyful people do not fear death. They know that when they die they will be brought into the presence of the lord, the one who died on the cross for us so that we would be forgiven for our sins. We know that death is nothing to fear, and some of us will not experience it at all. Some will be called home to the Lord before their physical death. To a Christian, the closest we come to death is by our body experiencing a physical death, our soul lives on for eternity. We do not fear the lake of fire because we know that Christ, through his intervention, will save us from it. We do not fear eternal darkness because the light of Christ has shown us the way to a new life. We are already, while still trapped in our earthly bodies, born again spiritually. By giving our lives over to Christ, we are guaranteed eternal life with him. We will never die in the sense that a non-believer dies. Our soul will live on forever, praising God for his mercy and grace in giving us the gift of salvation.