Emotional Strength

I do not think there is as much of a difference of who is emotionally stronger between genders. I would tend to think it varies from each and every individual.There are people that seem to go through so much and they just keep on striving as nothing ever happened. Which is a form of emotional blocking. This is not good; eventually it will surface somewhere to contend with or in some phase of your life.

The difference I think between the genders is the way they release and deal with it. The male is more likely to deal with it in the form of anger and lashing out. A female on the other hand is usually more prone to crying to release. Then there are those individuals that let it build up without seeking treatment and it becomes prevalent through psychological disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Clinical depression. These disorders when left untreated are extremely harmful to an individual.

They have a way of sneaking up on a person usually after a very traumatic event. The problem becomes exaggerated as most people with these disorders do not take their medication the right way. They are usually also cross addicted and will add drugs/alcohol/and gambling to the mix. To not actually have to deal with the emotions of the devastating event. Everything in me goes out to those that survive trauma after trauma and still find a way to kick life in the ass everyday finding something to smile about, and to keep going. They should be an inspiration to us all.

I know somebody that went to group and did a year long drug and alcohol treatment. When group therapy came to an end they had to go around the group and say what they admired about that person. The one answer this girl got from the whole group was “I cannot believe you went through and survived all that! You are the strongest girl I have ever met to be here to tell about it after all that!” She sat there stunned shaking her head. Smiled her way though it. After all these people had gotten to know everything about her over 8 months. She went to her car turned on the radio and began to sob. She said aloud, “They really don’t see through the facade of sometimes feigned but needed strength. They really cannot see all the hurt and pain!” She leaned her head against the steering wheel and cried. One of the girls came over and asked if she was alright. I SAID YEAH AS SHE HANDED ME A KLEENEX! I WAS THAT GIRL!