The Reasons that Proof against Global Warming Isn’t Popular

Global warming is just another hoax, Like the Y2K bug, it is a creation of the human imagination driven by fear of extinction. In his book; ‘Hot Talk, cold science, Global warming unfinished debate’,  Dr. Fred Singer explores the arguments that global warming is real and is caused by human activity, and is a threat to human existence. In his study of the facts, he exposes the inconsistencies that arise and the manipulation of data and computer modules to suit the argument for global warming.

Those behind the argument are in it for financial gain. Embarrassing emails have emerged over time indicating motives behind the argument for global warming. The emails reveal that the top climatic scientists engage more in political activism than in the science of climatic change. To keep funds flowing from environmental organizations, scientists have resorted to exaggerating the effects of global warming, with the motive to create fear and exert influence on governments and their people.

Global climatic advocates have argued that the rising temperatures are a consequence of human activity, and the greenhouse effects will cause the sea levels to raise tremendously to tens or even hundredths of meters, flooding many low lying coastal areas.

Contrary to these fears generated through the media, the most accurate information reveals that global temperature rise has been steady for the past decade, mainly due to environmental factors. The blame placed squarely on the emission of greenhouse gases, especially CO2  by human activity is misleading.  China has been known to produce large amounts of sulphur particles, from its burning of coal over the last decade. These particles have a significant effect on global temperatures, yet the temperatures held steady over the decade.

On the other hand, the rate of sea level is constantly at 1.7 mm per year, or 17 cm after 100 years. Evidence indicates that the rate of sea level rise has actually fallen over the last few decades. This information clearly exposes the exaggeration of the facts by the scientists.

The argument about the increase in the number of severe storms as a result of global warming is also misleading. According to Dr. Fred Singer, A reduction in the number and the  scale of severe storms is actually a benefit of global warming, as the furthest latitudes, both to the north and to the south are warmer, and the temperature gradient in between would generally fall. The resulting effect is a reduction in the severity of the storms.