Reasons why some have Called Global Warming a Hoax

One could write a lengthy dissertation in response to this title, detailing all the empirical evidence, scientific facts, and climatological data supporting the theory of global warming compiled over the past 400 years such record has been kept. One could point to the fact, that for the past ten thousand years glacial retreat has been a sustained occurrence. But even those who have perpetrated the notion global warming is a hoax, cannot confront these facts, nor do they attempt to. Instead, their beef with the global warming issue has to do with only one aspect of it, the notion that mankind by burning fossil fuels—primarily coal, oil, and natural gas—  has hastened the effects of global warming.

It’s a pretty simple observation to make, that traditional energy capitalists have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, and ever expanding fossil fuel ventures to the greatest degree possible; “drill-baby-drill.” These folks don’t care about the ecology of the planet, the practices of “fracking” to exploit natural gas deposits, drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wild Life Refuge(ANWR), and the list goes on, they care only about making profits for their share holders. This is motive enough to spend billions to buy votes in congress or parliament, advertising campaigns, and so on, claiming global warming science is a hoax. After all, these are the same people, George Bush, Dick Cheney, who sold another hoax to the world about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” as a pretense for “regime change.”The real plan, all along, was for American and British Oil interests to regain control of Iraq’s oil reserves, thereby to better control energy prices and bolster their profits. As a result, two things have changed in Iraq, Saddam Hussein is gone, and American and British Oil interests are now in control of its oil wells. And, oh by the way,  have you notice the price of gasoline and oil company profits lately?

Today, the vast majority of credible scientists support the theory of global warming and the incontrovertible evidence that it is being accelerated by CO2 and other hydrocarbon green house gas emissions. Oh, yes, the oil cartels have a few scientist in their own pocket to refute this theory, just as tobacco companies did back in the 1960’s to contravene the notion cigarette smoking caused cancer, and we all know how that turned out. Let’s face it, there are plenty of people with scientific credentials willing to prostitute themselves for the almighty dollar. This writer once saw one such so called climatological expert,  who’s credentials included a BS in Sociology and doctorate in theology, on a TV news talk show. Take Sara Palin, a pertinent example who, among other things, apparently considers herself an anti-global warming expert. Her own credentials include a BS in communications.,but it’s doubtful she ever took a single semester of intro to chemistry, let alone any more pertinent scientific curriculum, and therein lies the second fundamental element underwriting the propagation of the global warming hoax farce, a gullible public uneducated in scientific disciplines.

It is by no accident,  the average Joe or Mary subscribers to the idea global warming is a hoax, predominantly fall into two categories, those with an IQ below 100 and those already conscript to forms of ideological belief. These folks, quite simply, are believers, willing to lend their minds to any fancy of whimsical notion which may suit their cognitive disposition or support their own deceptions of supernatural instance. They know nothing of the science they discount, and are all soon to be rapture d, so what difference could global warming make to them anyway. Indeed, just as  Republican Richard Mourdock recently informed us in the case of rape, global warming may just be God’s plan for destroying the planet. For those of us not planning to be raptured, as well as the generations  which will inherit terra firma after us, global warming is a serious threat to our own vision of eternal existence, and one which should be seriously considered with the utmost of human intellect.